Art of Pizza - Atmastel

Hidden within city hall area, south beach avenue there is this restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine.

South Beach Avenue
26 Beach Road, #B1-22
Singapore 189768
Opening hours:
Mon - Sat 11:00am to 10:30pm
Closed on Sundays
Contact: +65 6581 0085


Located next to the newly opened JW Marriot Hotel at South Beach Avenue, Atmastel is a new multi-concept casual dining restaurant dedicated to serving up tastes and flavours that are true to the purity and naturalness emphasised by authentic Italian cuisine.

Uncompromising in their dedication to crafting food that brings out the true flavours of the freshest, quality produce, the culinary team at Atmastel is helmed by Andrea Tarini, a chef with a 3-michelin star background at ULIASSI in Senigallia, Italy and Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck. Executive Chef Tarini was also responsible for setting up the highly successful Eataly Dubai.

“Real Italian food is not about overpowering flavours. It is not about putting on all these seasonings, sauces, herbs and spices. It is about drawing out the best natural flavours from the produce and making harmonious compositions with them through technique. My mission at Atmastel is to let Singaporeans have a taste of what is real food outside of fine dining restaurants. Real food tastes subtle because it is pure and natural so it needs time for you to savour, for the flavours develop as you take bite after bite”, said Chef Tarini who is new to Singapore.

An interior up to 84 seating

8 seats at the Crudo and Bar Areas

offering Crudo (Cold cuts and cheese) and drinks bar
open concept kitchen

Many of the ingredients used at Atmastel has been certified to be “DOP” (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta), or meeting the quality standards and Italian traditions of specific geographical areas in Italy.

Pizza Section


  • Made from 100% stone-milled flour ensuring that health and flavour giving nutrients are present in every one of the baked bites.
  • Artisanal Biga - an all natural pre-ferment, biga coaxes out richer, more aromatic flavours from the dough.
  • 48hr ferment - given the time to rise resulting in lighter, crisper and richer aromatic bakes.
Atmastel pizza is 12 inches, cook time is only 3 minute over the fire oven in high temperature. 

Essential Toppings
  • San Marzano DOP - considered the best tomatoes in the world by chef; these Italian tomatoes are picked by hand at their ripest. Their low-acidity and mouth watering flavour make all the difference to Atmastel pizza's.
  • Fresh Italian Burrate and Mozzarella - Italian Burrata and fresh mozzarella are often imitated but never successfully. Atmastel uses only genuine Italian fresh Burrata and mozzarella for the richness of flavour and amazing mouthfeel it gives to their pizza.
  • Grano Padano DOP 24 months - Matured to 24 months, this hard cheese confers a unique umani savoury note to Atmastel pizzas. Made only with milk from the River Po region, it is one of the most valued cheeses produced in Italy.
  • San Daniele DOP 24 months - Some connoisseurs consider the San Daniele DOP superior to all other prosciuttos, Produced only in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region; the San Daniele tastes sweeter and milder compared to other prosciutto types due to its unique and lengthy curing process.
The cheese used are imported from Italy weekly basis.

The Classics

Fun Fact: The way Italian judge a good pizzeria or pizzaiolo is by their pizza Margherita, a simple combination of ingredients.

Margherita [$26.00]
San Marzano Tomatoes, Mozzarella Fior di Latte, Grana Padano, Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Other Classics - Diavola, Ham & Mushroom, Marinara, Quattra Formaggi, Sicilian Anchovy. (Price range $20 - $29)

★ Prosciutto & Asparagus [$34.00]
Atmastel’s signature Prosciutto and Asparagus Pizza is the most sensational of our pizzas. In this one pizza, you get to experience the crunchy, the creamy, the smoky, the sweet and the savoury.

Mozzarella, Crunchy San Daniele Ham Chips, Asparagus, Broccoli Cream and Grana Padano

Seafood [$38.00]
San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Clams, Squids, Prawns, Garlic, Chilli Flakes and Parsley

Sausage & Potatoes [$34.00]
Mozzarella and Gorgonzola Cheese, Homemade Sausage, Purple Potatoes, Rocket Salad

★ Black Truffle [$48.00]
The best things in life are real and simple. Such is the case of Atmastel’s Black Truffle Pizza.

Whole slices of Italian Black Truffle, Buffalo Mozzarella flown in fresh from Italy and Grana Padano DOP with just a drizzle of extra virigin olive oil to top it off.

A Simply Real black truffle pizza only by Atmastel.

Other Specials - La Piccante, San Daniele (Price range $34 - $48)

My opinion

Prosciutto & Asparagus and Sausage & Potatoes are my personal favorite, not only that it is the healthiest choice compared to the other pizza, they are special in their own way. Prosciutto serve at Atmastel has lower sodium content and, asparagus does give off a diuretic effect which helps your body to get rid of unneeded water and salt; basically, clean up your body. As for the Sausage, it is not those common hotdog kind of sausage I was expecting, I was amazed by the appearance, however, a little salty for my taste bud. Purple potatoes are good carbs, not sinful at all to eat too much and helps to keep the tummy fuller.

Time to ditch the cutlery! Rolled up my pizza slices and ate it by hand, chef mention that the correct way to eat a Neopolitan pizza is to fold a slice in half, I am just afraid that my ingredients will drop therefore rolled it up.

I do agree that the fermenting process does make a difference to the dough, it is crispy on the outside like prata texture and, soft on the inside like bread. Haha pardon me for my explanation, this is the closest I can come to relate.

If you are in for fresh and high quality Italian food, I surely recommend you to visit Atmastel.


Must-try dishes that exemplify this purist approach to food include Black Ink Seafood Tagliolini ($34), Grilled Pork Chop ($45), San Daniele DOP Pizza ($36) and Black Truffle Pizza ($48).

The headlining Zuppa Di Pesce ($68), which serves 2, consists of ingredients so carefully chosen that the exact kinds of fish and seafood that go into it are only known on the day it is served.

For desserts that tread a fine line between tradition and innovation, the Tiramisu ($14.90), Passionfruit Crème Brulee ($12.90) and Nutella Pillow ($22) come highly rated.

Get rewarded

Diner will receive a complimentary Atmastel RED Card which gives you rebates, birthday benefits, monthly promotions, etc.

For the Month of May, the promotion is on the Pizza, they are going on 1-for-1! (Valid from 2-31 May 2017)
Redeemable when you sign up for a complimentary Atmastel RED Card. Purchase any pizzas and receive a pizza of a lower price and different flavour on the house! 12 flavours to choose from.

Retail Section

By any chance you would wish to re-create your dining experience in the comfort of your own space, Atmastel has a well-stocked retail section stocked with over 70 varieties of artisanal cold cuts, cheeses, wines and condiments.


By Car :
Via Nicoll Highway - proceed along Nicoll Highway toward Raffles Boulevard and make a U-turn at Bras Basah Road junction.

Via Bras Basah Road - proceed along Bras Basah Road and make a left turn at Nicoll Highway.

Continue forward and take a left into South Beach.
Park at Lift Lobby A, Level B3, and take Lift to BM2. Proceed to #B1-22.

Via Esplanade MRT Station - exit Esplanade MRT Station via Exit F.
Proceed to #B1-22.

P.S. Atmastel also provides projectors, in case their guest want to hold an event there.
Projector: XVGA (1024 x 768), 6000 lumens Screen: 3.3m width x 1.86m height


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