Like TikTok/Youtube Videos and more than $10,000 yearly

Earning $32/day in a month means $960/month, and that's extra S$11,520 yearly into your pocket. (That's not all)

Majority of us is looking at our phone everyday, at home, in the toilet, taking public transport, walking and even eating. You see how insane is that?!

Sometimes, I wish that "how good it would be if I can turn my social media hours into real cash."

And this day I discover this easy method, I went to try, and it really happen!

Never thought that I could earn money online easily just by browsing social media.

All you need is just a TikTok and/or a YouTube Account.

No deposit required, earning can be withdrawn to bank as cash or crypto wallet as USDT.

Getting Started

Use this link and click “download”:
Copy and paste the above link to safari browser on your phone if it doesn't work (for iPhone user)

When signing up, please enter the referral code: 2KTHR

  1. Download app (follow guide above and input referral code as 2KTHR)
  2. When account is set up, you may begin your task to earn $$
  3. Click on “Hall
  4. Select the task you want to complete by clicking “Receive”.
    • Note, once you start a task, you need to complete before you can move on to another task.
  5. Click “open task link

  6. Like” the video and take screenshot as proof that you’ve liked
  7. Go back to UT app
  8. Click “upload task image” and upload screenshot
  9. One task is completed, repeat the same for step 3-8 till you’ve reach the maximum task/day
    • Free user have 3 task/day for 2 days
    • A free account can potentially earn up to S$6.46 (read on to find out how!)

To Earn Higher Payout

If you’re interested to do more task with higher payout per task after Free Membership ends, you may wish to sign up for Bronze, Silver or Gold member:

I personally find the the Gold membership is the most worth because:
Getting the gold member is $568 (one time fee)

Assuming we only want to do this for a year:
$960 monthly earning * 12 month = $11,520
- $568 one time fee = $10,952 earning for a year (atleast)

How to Withdraw

Minimum Bank withdrawal is S$6, just need to link your local bank account

Minimum USDT withdrawal is S$45, just need to link your USDT-TRC20 address

Please note that charges applies, withdrawal is only free for 1st withdrawal. Maximum withdrawal per time is capped at $5,000.

What is USDT

Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin, a type of cryptocurrency which aims to keep cryptocurrency valuations stable.    Source: Tether (USDT) Definition - Investopedia

I am using Binance cryptocurrency exchange - They operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume. Click here to sign up for a Binance account!

Tips to Earn More

Maxed out your earnings for the day and don't wish to cash out yet?

For me I like to transfer my earnings into the e-wallet every end of the day, so that I can make use of time to earn more money rather than waiting to accumulate more $$ then setting aside. Because time = money.

Should you wish to make your money work for you, you may put your balance into the e-wallet and get returns of up to 0.50% daily!

By doing that, I can turn my S$3 into S$3.23 by not touching it for the next 15 days:


If not, you may cash out the $6.

$0.5% daily may sounds a lot and some people may think of using this as a "savings account. However, I wouldn't recommend you to park large sum of money in this platform because the high returns seems too good to be true. So, do it at your own risk.

For me I am someone that's more caution so I would rather take more from the apps than giving, at most I would pay will be for the membership and once I breakeven I would withdraw my base out since the 1st withdrawal is from, and continue earning using whatever I've earn. At least the risk of losing my hard earned cash is lower.

My Reviews

Got to know this apps from my sister. At first I thought it was a lengthy process. People who know me will know that I don't like to waste time. However, to my surprised, it only takes less than 3min to earn my first S$3 using the free account! 

Don't ask me why such things exist too, some content creator / influencers are probably just buying likes?Demand and Supply.

You must be wondering why am I so good to share such good stuffs with you. Let's just be transparent here, it's because... when I invite you to earn, I will earn too by getting a chance to spin the Lucky Wheel.


Since you've have read until the end of this article, I would encourage you to go and sign up now since there's nothing much to lose. If you want to thank me, just sign up and help to share this post.


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