Before departure to Bangkok

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Good morning! Time check 4:00 PM, my flight will be 24 hours from now. It has been 3 years since I visited Bangkok.

For this trip I have already standby my mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, tripod, camera lenses, camera bag and laptop. Now I come to think of it, I am not there for a photography trip!

My aim for this trip is for shopping and leisure, because of the time I have lost with my boyfriend I have to cherish it more and spend more quality time with him. Therefore I decided not to bring those thing anymore as I think that it will put more on weight on us which is a burden and taking the right photograph will spend a lot of time, it will also allows me neglect my boyfriend which is not worth it so why not just relax and enjoy while we can. However, I will be bringing a compact camera with me so that I can have some good quality photograph to update my blog when I am back. I am sorry to my readers that I have to be selfish for once but you all must know that I still have a thought of you.

To all people who are going overseas regardless of which country here are few important things that you need to prepare beforehand and can't be miss out:
  • Plan your itinerary and spending
  • Do a check list of to-buy items
  • Print out their country and mass transit map
  • Activate your bank card for overseas use
  • Bring along your iBanking token in-case you need it
  • Double check your belongings
  • Bring your passport and cash

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FYI: Most update will be on Instagram and Twitter, meanwhile you can read on my 2010 Bangkok Trip.

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