Scoot Cabin Crew Interview (UPDATED)

This post has been sitting in my draft for awhile and now it's finally time to publish it. Being a cabin crew aka air stewardess is a dream job for most of the girls and it may also attract eyes of envy, furthermore cabin crew get to enjoy in different country each time after work(that's other people mindset), however most people need to understand that the job is not as luxurious as it seems and cabin crew will also be sacrificing their family time for work. There was this day when I have finally graduated from ITE and found out that Scoot is recruiting cause I am constantly checking out their website hehe so I decided to send in my application. One reason why I choose Scoot is because it is a new airline and the people there all share a common characteristic which is "Scootitude" that makes them so fun-loving.

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11/12/2013 10:09 AM
Submitted my application online for "Cabin Crew - November 2013" and said to be contacted within 2 weeks accompanied with a sentence of "Kindly note that only short-listed candidates will be notified."

13/12/2013 - Pre-selection phase
I thought I wasn't selected until that night when I check my e-mail. I was so happy that I am short-listed for Scoot Cabin Crew (December Phase) and got invited for an online video interview where I need to answer a few job-specific questions and to present myself. As a part of the selection process, I need to complete some online questionnaire and numbers of ability test. I have been asked to complete that assessment so that they can identify if I have the important attributes for the role of a cabin crew member.

The 5 assessments which I am required to complete are as follows:
  1. Shapes - Measurement of Competencies (shapes): This questionnaire measures preferred behavioral style in the workplace. This questionnaire is untimed, however, most people take approximately 15 minutes to complete it.
  2. Verbal Reasoning (admin compact): This assessment measures the ability to process verbal information. This test is timed for 6 minutes.
  3. Scales eql(a) - Numeracy: This test measures the ability to complete basic calculations, and is timed for 5 minutes.
  4. Scales ix - Logical Reasoning: This test measures logical reasoning ability and is timed for 5 minutes.
  5. Cabin Crew SJQ: This assessment presents various realistic scenarios for you to indicate a course of action depending on each scenario. This assessment is untimed but should take 15 minutes to complete.

18/12/2013 - Online assessment
This day in my convenience and quiet time at home I lock myself up in my room to complete all the online video interview and test, I was so nervous, even more, nervous than taking an exam. PS. I actually did some research online before attempting the test because I am afraid that I would fail.

To me, the easiest assessment is the logical reasoning and I think I answered most of the question correctly. This test involves letter and image sequences to test individuals ability to think logically and analytically.

What is the next sequence?

And the hardest assessment to me is the verbal reasoning. In the test a passage will be given, I have to read finish reading it followed by answering a couple of question that is related to the passage. The answering part is MCQ, however, there is only three option available, True, False and Cannot Tell. Most of my answer is "Cannot Tell" because I really can't tell x.x

23/12/2013 - I've made it!
On this day I am in Bangkok heading to Pattaya and hurray I was notified that I have made it through the online assessment and I am invited to the next stage of the selection press that will be held at their assessment centre. Thank god to the hotel WiFi I am able to check my e-mail to RSVP my availability.

4/1/2013 - Selection phase
Today is the day. The day that I will be meeting all the other applicants, cabin crew, and interviewers. I have a total no idea of what to dress as the e-mail stated "Attire as you deem appropriate." so I wore a white cotton sleeveless top with a grey cotton knee length bandage skirt and a covered shoe, upon reaching I realise that I am the only one in smart casual but it's okay haha. Not forgetting to mention, most of the applicants there are from other airline and some from Republic Polytechnic School of Hospitality(interview for internship). Oh ya and also I will be at the assessment centre for up to 4 hours(shorter timing if found unsuitable and being eliminated at an earlier stage) without much break so it will be good to have my breakfast first. Uses of the mobile phone are also not permitted in the assessment centre as it may result in elimination hence I dare not touch my phone even during the toilet break.

Stage 1 - Registration and Document check
This is to make sure all applicants have all their required documents.

Stage 2 - Self-declaration check
Height and body check for tattoos and scars will be performing here. It is recommended to wear short/sleeves as those with long sleeves will be asked to roll up their sleeves, footwear that is easy to wear and remove is also recommended as there will be a height check.

Stage 3 - Problem-solving
This stage will be an easy one for the student from Republic Polytechnic, for people with leadership qualities or even someone who is outspoken. After settling down each of us will be given a folder of a problem statement and some silent reading time to go through the problem, later we will have a group discussion and decide on our choices and why. At this point of time I am literally lost, luckily I am able to fit into the group and join in the discussion. My tip for you is even if you are lost try get to be engaged with the group discussion and everything will be fine. After all the discussion every group will send a representative to present our choice of selection. (This stage is timed)

Stage 4 - Alptitute test
This is another round of verbal reasoning test while the judge tabulates our score for the previous stage, just to ensure that we did the online assessment test by ourself. In this stage, not everyone is able to complete all question, so it should be normal when I complete all question but have no confidence of getting everything right as the English they use in this test are very profound.  (This stage is timed)

Stage 5 - Wait for the interview
This is the most critical moment for everyone as they will be eliminating people from this stage based on the performance on Stage 3. At this point of time I am so nervous and almost sweating out because if my name is called I will be either eliminated else able to proceed to the next stage, at that time we don't know how the procedure goes until they started to call people name out and we realise that all names being called are those that will be eliminated because we can tell from how the individuals perform during the problem-solving stage. Phew, that was a close one and I am finally calm down.

Stage 6 - Role-play and Interview
At this stage upon my name was called I was asked to shift to another room where I will be interviewed 1-to-1 in the face with the interviewer. I was given a paper with a scenario and a few rules to understand, after finish reading it's time for me to perform myself by doing a role-play on how I will handle the situation based on the scenario given. Halfway during the role-play, I told the interviewer that I am giving up because I am really bad at handling demanding customer. At that point of time, I know that I will not be selected for the cabin crew position but that the interviewer still continues asking me question regarding my past work experience and my occurrence(she's like giving me another chance). Afterward, I was asked to leave the room and wait for further information which will be released on the following day.

5/1/2014 - The result
This day I was notified that given much consideration to my job application I am not short-listed for the Cabin Crew position this time round, the decision was definitely not an easy task considering my enthusiasm and also the pool of candidates they have to short-list from. Well, I guess I have to try again next time after mastering the skill of great customer service. Not forgetting to say that those who are short-listed will be asked to make another trip back to the assessment centre for contract briefing, it is okay if the short-listed candidate wants to back-out if they find that the job doesn't suit them. After signing the contract a 3-month training will be conducted shortly at SIA Training Centre.

I am not really disappointed that I did not get short-listed for the role of cabin crew, at least I know what I need to improve myself on. Furthermore, I am glad that I am able to further progress my education at Republic Polytechnic. I hope my failure will let you know the happening during the selection process and don't be afraid to give yourself a try if you want to be a cabin crew and always remember to check their website on recruitment opening. Good luck for your interview if you have already sent in your application :)


Send in an online application again as I will be graduating from Republic Polytechnic soon and I want to be a Scootees! After all, FlyScoot is the first company that comes to my mind as a career choice. My application will be processed and assessed in line with the specific requirements for the position. Will be informed to proceed in the selection process either via phone or email within 2 weeks. 

12/2/2017 - Online Assessment
Receive an e-mail from Scoot Careers today, never have expected to be contacted on a weekend especially during a non-office working hour. This time it is a little different from the past. Online assessment and video interview are to be done one a different day hence, I only did the online assessment today. Should I be successful from the online test, I will be required to complete a video interview. I was very confident that I can get the job I desire until I met with the verbal reasoning again ... hopefully, I can make it through. Otherwise, I will just have to wait for the next intake.

17/2/2017 - Video Interview
Was invited for a video interview on 14 February 2017, only got a chance to be in a quite environment today hence I started a bit later. For people that applied around the same period as I should also receive an invitation to the video interview already(I guess), don't be dishearted if you didn't make it throught the online assessment because there is always a next try as the recuirtment will always be on. Do not worry if this is your first time doing a video interview, a 1 min guide is provided to assist you.

My tip for you is to read all the instruction clearly and make sure your laptop/computer are set up well, for me my WiFi connection is low and there was a problem to stop recording my 1st question. To me, it is the most important question and I am not well prepared for it thinking I could retake but nope. Not sure if I have flunked it but what done is done and I shall just accept whichever outcome nevertheless I think I did great just that there are room for improvement. Another tip for you is to ensure you are well be prepared, think before you answer because there is no turning back, you have 1 minute to answer the question, maybe you could take a few second to think it through.

In case you want to know, "You will only be able to take this interview ONCE."
  • This interview consists of 3 questions.
  • You will be asked a question.
  • For your first question, you will have 15 seconds to prepare before the recording starts automatically.
  • You will have a limited time to answer.
  • You will not be able to re-record your answer.
Once again, good luck! :)