Food For Thought

On the Vesak Day my boyfriend and I went out for a walk and chance upon this restaurant located at the Singapore Botanic Garden. You must be thinking why that kind of name for a restaurant, the reason is because they have good food for a good cause.

1 Cluny Road,
Tanglin Gate, #B1-00, S259569
Monday - Sunday
8am to 9pm (Last orders at 8.30pm)
+65 6479 1080

Based within Singapore's most historical garden park, this Food For Thought celebrates family, rest and sustainable living. (Able to fit up to 200 capacity)

This place is recommended for family as they have a play area here, parents can and eat while watching their kids playing in peace.

Ordering of food is self-service but food will be served to you when ready, just need to give them your table number upon ordering.

Bangers & Mash ($25.00)
Two mushroom pork snail sausages, one chicken sausage, mashed potatoes, caramelised onion, greens

Trio of Sliders ($15.00)
Mini cheese burger, mini pulled pork burger, mini spicy thai chicken burger

additional fries and bottled drink on top of Trio of Silder (+$5.00)

Food For Thought service free flow water but it is encourage to make a donation of $2.00 to bless and African with the same privilege for one year, they also does not charge for service because it is their pleasure to serve us. Please tip them if you are happy with their service and donate to their "Give Clean Water" fund. Do it for a good cause. In support of Living Water International,

The food we have ordered is good and filling for two, Banger & Mash is a great appetizer if you mixed the sausage together with the mashed potato dipped into the vinegar. I love the spicy thai burger from the Trio of Sliders but the fries was too dry for my preference.