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Got a PSLE aggregate of 95 😊 Wasn't a fan of going to school to began with, and here's my life story: ⠀ 🚸 Proceed to Normal Technical class in Secondary school 🏫 Went to ITE, dropped out twice πŸ’° Acquire lots of working experience along the way in different industry: Beauty, Customer Service, Events, F&B, IT, Modelling, Nightlife, Sales and more. πŸŽ’ One day I told myself "My life isn't just gonna stop at working, my salary can't be stagnant." so I went back to ITE, scored GPA of 3.8 πŸŽ“ Fulfil my late grandma desire of me being a student in Polytechnic. Manage to pull through Republic Poly. However, Dad disapprove of the career path I wish to take. πŸ’Ό Gotten a Full-time Office job upon graduation which is what my dad wanted me to do. Had to work night life for extra income to achieve my retirement goal. Working long hours is not a long-term solution as my health deteriorate. πŸšͺ Application to Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) for the BCMMK - Bachelor of Communication with Marketing was a success but I forfeit my registration fee and reject the course. End of the day I still choose work over school. πŸ’Έ Quitted my Full-time Office job to chase for what I wanted go for initially despite dad disapproval. The period of getting there is a long one, I even dried up all my savings on living expenses. ⠀ πŸŽ† Today I am happy doing what I love to do by helping people retire with ease and live without financial worries. I want the best in life and I am glad to have the ability to grant them to people around me. Finally I have became a Financial Consultant, road isn't a smooth one but I believe the days will just get better. ⠀ Thankful for the people who believe in me despite my lousy grades in school. Not sure how I made it in life when there are so many people looking down on me. If I know what my goals are I will definitely get it, it is all about the mentality and planning ahead of time. Whatever I have achieve right now is purely for the best interest of my life, not to proof anybody wrong, anything else I get it's just a bonus. ⠀ In conclusion I would like to say, grades can't determine everything. ✌️ #lifebeyondgrades
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Personal interest:

Gym, Photography, Singing, Yoga

Competition / Pageant award:

πŸ† Miss Bikini Universe Singapore 2018 - Miss Photogenic
πŸ† NABBA WFF SG Grand Prix, Ms Super Model Open - 2nd Place
πŸ† NABBA WFF SG Grand Prix, Ms Bikini Model Under 24 - 2nd Place
πŸ† Nutrigirl 2016 - Miss Beautiful Body
πŸ† Colgate Optic White Dazzling Star 2014 - Top 10 Finalist
πŸ† Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 3 - Finalist

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