Plus! Zumba Fitness

Plus! launches its first-ever mass participation challenge -- “Plus! Presents Zumba® Fitness”, where members and their families enjoy a day of Zumba fitness in the centre of Orchard Road at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. Taking place on Sunday, 23rd November 2014 from 8am to 1pm, this is the largest Zumba® Fitness event to be held in Singapore, with an expected turnout of 1200 participants.

Disclaimer: All pictures in this post don't belong to me and are grabbed from CK blog - Puzzle Of Life 谜图人生 with permission.

Being always wanted to try out different kind of fitness, this day I pulled myself out of bed to participate in the Zumba challenge together with other Nuffnang bloggers where it is also my first time doing Zumba.

Morning crowd queuing to enter challenge site

At the event there are also few brands that my generation loves which is present such as Skechers (sponsor), Etude House,, StrawberryNet and many more.  

Apart from doing Zumba there are many other activities for kids too such as:

Balloon castle

Balloon sculpturing

Face painting

Together with other blogger we joined in Plus! Presents Zumba® Fitness to break Singapore Book of Records in the category of “Largest Zumba Dance” which has a total of 990 participants. 

My Review

I think that this is a very good initiative for Plus! to come out with this event as it is a very good morning exercise for those that didn't have time to spare in the morning especially with friends because this event can be like a get-together day for friends to spend time together just like how I can catch up with my bloggers friend at the same time making new friends that has the same interest and keeping fit alongside with many other people to complete the challenge to break the Singapore Book of Records, because it is a once in a lifetime chance for this to happen I am so glad that I can be a part of it. Not to forget, by taking part in this challenge I get to receive goodies bags worth up to $60sgd hehehe ^^V 

Plus! Programme is the largest and most successful loyalty programme in Singapore, with growing 1.6 million Members and 1,000 participating Merchants outlets. LinkPoints is the currency of the loyalty programme. Fret not if you would like to participate in this challenge but missed the chance to because Plus! plans to continue organizing similar events on a yearly basis and will also work with other partner organizations to promote its members health and wellbeing.

Fun things that Plus! is doing

  1. Plus! Presents Zumba® Fitness – Plus! first challenge on 23 November 2014 (
  2. Plus! Rewards – There are 4 key types of rewards – Top Favourites, uShow, uBid and uExperience. More information can be found at
    • On the event day, Plus! Rewards will be setting up a booth for Members to redeem instantly for “Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tombs” using LinkPoints worth as low as $3.50! Check out the booth. 
  3. Wish Upon A Click with Plus! – Plus! annual return back to society initiative where 3 Members’ wishes will be granted by Plus! and voters for the wish will be rewarded with LinkPoints. Submission of votes start on 23 November 2014.
For more information about Plus! Programme, it can be found at

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