Who says two people is boring

Hi, I spend almost 3Hour on posting this.

Today morning woke up with menses, so unlucky. After preparing all these i went to meet Ruimin as Bernice is able to come with us because she fell down in the toilet and sprain her ankle ._. I left my house at around 5pm+ then i went back home again to shoe and left home after that went back again to change my top Lol, then my bag very big and heavy with a lot of rubbish so i went home again to change my bag. At last i went to the bus stop to wait for bus, After waiting for so long i realise that 162M first bus is at 1845 then i called Ruimin and i took a cab to pick her up around City hall then we went to the Singapore Flyer. First thing we do is to buy a ticket when we reach there, after buying it we went to the toilet. I was thirsty so i wanted to buy a bottle of mineral water, I saw this ice cream shop and i went ahead to ask the ice cream man weather is he selling mineral water a not. Our conversation is below, Very funny Lol

Me: Do you sell mineral water?
Ice-cream Man: Yes
Me: How much is it?
Ice-cream Man: $3.50
Me: Wa! So expensive I don't want to buy already LOL (Walks away)
After that we went to board the Singapore flyer and took some photos. After we alight we went to the Yakult Rainforest Discovery to take a stroll, I was thirsty haven't get to drink the mineral i wanted so we went to 7-11 and i bought a mineral water that cost $2.30 after we got out of 7-11 we pass by a toy Orang-utan(so called ah meng) and i took a picture with it. After taking photo while walking to the exit we saw a stand with a a lot of broaches with it then we took different kind of broaches(machiam like tourist) finish taking we were walking toward the taxi stand then I saw that ice cream man looking at me so i took out the mineral water i bought from 7-11 and i laughed. Later on we took a cab to Marina Barrage. I very excited when we reach there Lol, that place is beautiful and romantic but we never walk finish because it was very dark and the gallery was close. We took a walked on the water, then we saw something disgusting. Guess what? A dead frog, Eww! After that we went up to the rooftop, the way leading us up was very beautiful build ed with a lot of spots light on the grass. We went up and it's was very dark can't really see anything but we saw three guys flying kite up there and a lot of couples. That place is very deserted too, cannot find a way out luckily a taxi stop by us and fetch us to the nearest mrt that he knew. Took bus 57 to Toa payoh from there and we went to Mac Donal to eat because most of the shop have already close. Luckily i catch up with the last time and got home safely. And i tried so hard to save my handphone battery from going flat you know?! Yes, i would like to go there again with another person. Lol

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