Never go to school yet went to Anchorvale to swim

Today morning Alice message me and asked me not to go to school because she did not went home last night and didn't get a chance to sleep, So she wanteed to find a place that have air-con and it's able to sleep.
Actually wanted to go to Toapayoh Macdonal but i suggest to go to Anchorvale community centre because i wanted to learn swimming Lol, And karen wanted to bath ma so we went there. Convient what, Alice can sleep and she can bath right?
So we met at my house MRT station, Marymount(Circle Line) and we went to sengkang and wanted to talk there because we still have alot of time what and our way there we saw a rotten watermelon with a lot of disgusting thing inside, After that Alice cannot take it already then i held a cab taxi by the company SMRT called Prestige and if you don't have much cash not matter what you must not get on that taxi their meter starting price is $5 so expensive still got don't know what charge somemore we travel only a short distant only like 2Lrt stops and it cost almost $10 already.
But after swimming we don't have anything to clean up our body, Not even a Towel, Soap, Shampoo or conditioner. But i bought Facial wash LOL, Then karen and me stood there and waited for ourselves to dry up naturally with the help of the hairdyer. Later we ate Macdonal at there, Their service very bad because i ordered Filet-O-Fish and added 2Cheese and they gave me one only and just now i shock because i thought the cashier key wrongly and sell me in a cheaper price Lol, In the end Karen overheard someone conversation say that there is a lunch discount.
Took the Lrt back home but the Lrt stuck there saying platform not in use so we loitered there we sat on the floor and i even sleep on the chair Lol. Later on Karen came my house and Alice went home, And we watched UP the movie at my house that movie not say very nice i rate it 2.5/5 Because their story line is shit :X