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Halloween, Night safari

Today went to Night safari with Rafidah, Nelson and Xiulian this year halloween is not as fun as last year halloween at Night safari but tomorrow I will be going to Escape for halloween hehe didn't went there for halloween before and Escape ticket are way cheaper then Night safari and got convenience transport too. Maybe will update about my Escape trip tomorrow night.

Hua Song Museum

Hua Song, meaning "In the praise of the Chinese", is a museum that brings to life the rich heritage that overseas Chinese around the world share. Located in the new wing of Haw Par Villa, Hua Song Museum offers visitor the chance to appreciate the spirit of adventure and of the early Chinese migrants around the world, who made countless sacrifices, sized opportunities amidst adversity, showed great fortitude and industry to make good in their adopted land. It showcases the dreams, sacrifices, successes and achivements of the Chinese who faced adversities in their search of fortune overseas, enabling Chinese today to embrace their cultural roots and origins. Friends of other ethnicities and nationalities will recieve a glimpse into the struggles of the overseas Chinese who have assimilated and contributed to the modern society, fostering mutual appreciation and understanding. Their stories are of international and cross-cultural relevance and appeal today. O