Clarke quay

My day today at Clarke quay with Shiting,

Had dinner @ Central
I ate one Egg cheese bun, Chicken curry rice and Tuna potato sandwiches and Shiting ate French toast.
Below is the picture of Egg cheese bun

Take a knife and slice part of it then use your fork to poke a hole on the egg york and..

York flows out. Cut, dip and eat(:

Outside toilet

Later we went to sat beside the river

Don't know why I keep placing my hand on my hair also

Black and Whites

Behind her is G-MAX, while people was playing I disturbed them by screaming.

There's a bunch of girls played the swing, when they're on their way up they kept screaming so before the wire was release I scream to scare them LOL

At least 2 bottle a day to keep you hydrate

Can see my leg birth mark ._.

While heading to bus stop to take bus home saw a few structure, so took photo again.
Shiting always delay to meet, I always delay to go home.

-- End --