Tada~ This is the contact lens I bought not long a go, decided to wear it today because I spoiled my blue lens -.- Everytime spoil one, one month lens would last me around 3weeks and this lens is a 3month lens I think it would last me 2month or lesser? Hope I can use it for 3month, this lens is damn expensive I paid $60 for it. Claim from father he don't want give me money. What the hell?!
The Coolcolor contact lens was sealed tightly in a glass bottle, open until my nail break. No time to cut all so I trim a bit of it, if tomorrow wake up early then I will cut my nails. Not bad actually, eyes won't hurts as much as before after wearing it.

Later went to Bishan for my dentist appointment, but it was not today! Shit la I got the wrong date, it was actually next month -.- Ok, later I went to meet alice I damn angry of the hot weather until Janice came. Went to Juntion8 because Janice wanted to look for job, later Gladys came. When Gladys came I asked her to accompany me to buy something, hehe Alice bought one for herself too.

The Breadou Macaron~

Three of us bought the same kind, Janice don't want to buy ._.
When I reach home I asked my mother to try this new sweet that I've bought I fed her and she nearly bite it and I took it off her lips, Haha she believe that it's a real food when I ask her to smell it.

Last year I saw a store selling Macaron at Toapayoh so I went to tried it out, small yet expensive so I bought a lot and ate it alone because I was alone on my way home. At first I ate it there's a honey taste, quite sweet haha but then the more I ate the sweeter I became at that time I was waiting for bus and can't leave there to buy Mineral water so I have no choice to continue eating because it only left 2 but I cannot continue eating. The more I eat the more I feel like puking!

After that went over to Angmokio to meet Shiting there as we accompany Janice to continue her job search, we went to look for Popeyes to had our dinner there. Can't find then Gladys and me search using our phone then I called their outlet to ask where is it located at, it was so near from us only Lol then we headed there to eat.

I ordered Seafood Shrimps, very expensive like that only $10.50 Gladys and Janice one only $7.50 Ok, I can tell you the bread doesn't taste good, when you put it into your mouth and munch the flour will stick onto your gums!

Yum yum, the mashed potato taste good. I like (Y)

The strawberry jam for bread, not bad.

Love it! Overall only the Mashed potato taste good. I like, the gravy had spices add into it too.

Today I very good, never take any picture of myself. If you don't know the girl below is Shiting. ALL HER SELF PORTRAIT Ok!

Now I have a phone and a camera but I'm still lack of some entertainment

Price:8GB - S$ 308.00
        32GB - S$ 468.00
        64GB - S$ 628.00

Information from: http://www.epicentreorchard.com/moby/cms/products/ipod/newipodtouch

I want to get this by this week but people on Facebook comment me saying that the price of an iPod touch will drop around late February, is it true? I did a research on Yahoo but still don't see any things about price dropping. Can anyone confirm with me?

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