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Super bowl

First arrived at City hall, meet Ruimin to buy my hair extension and we went to Marina square to meet those guys. Marcus and Vinstion arrive first so they went to the arcade, after Edwin and Leonard came we went to play pool and superbowl to bowl after that. While changing my shoes and Ruimin setting up the names Edwin bowling,  followed by Marcus, Leonard then Vinston Me and Ruimin Taken by Ruimin My thumb nail cut my middle finger when bowling ._. Bad photo lighting, After editing the colour using my camera. Thanks to the stranger girl whom took this group photo for us(: The guys Bought this while Ruimin and Me on our way to MRT Station, we have been separated from them. After Edwin left we meet Nelson and went to Marcus house His spiral staircase, LOL Ruimin fall from it so funny. His treat for pizza at his house, and we played Guitar rock at his hou