Working is tired

These picture above are some pictures taken few day a go, below is during my work today.
Very tiring and sleepy D:  I don't have enough sleep.

Toblerone that I bought, very sweet I don't like.

This is Jasmine, Karen's Cousin


Pink sushi that I brought, taste very sweet! Eeee~

Karen and Me

Jasmine and Me

Jasmine and Karen, this photo colour look nice I like.

Disney On Ice Balloon

This chef sitting behind us fart very loud in public! And we laugh at him very loudly also LOL

Tomorrow gonna be another tired day for me, goodbye!

This two weeks I'm currently working as a Flyer distributor for this event below,

With with password "incredible" given to them you can save 15% on selected show!*
Early bird gets 10% discount too (applicable from 11 - 18 January 2010 only), or 15% discount with a minimum of 10 ticket purchase if you buy your ticket through SISTIC Corporate X'clusive. 

Show time is 18-21 Mar 2010 
Thu & Fri - 3.30pm*, 7pm*
Sat & Sun - 11am, 3.30pm, 7pm(Sunday*) 

Ticket price is
$15.50, $30.50, $40.50, $55.50
(Excludes SISTIC booking fee)

Limited Rinkside VIP seats available, call for 6348-5555 for details.