Ri Ben Chun

Today at went to Orchard with Jasmine to collect our salary then went to The Cathay to dine in at Ishi Mura/Nihon Maru (I forget that name already but it's "Ri Ben Chun" in chinese) with Shiting, I'm so lazy to post today ok. So I'll make it short, I'm so tired right now and will be posting a lot of photo.

Lobster Sushi

Potato salad, my favorite!

Ice milo that three of us ordered.

I took this sushi and did not ate it LOL

This one very funny, people ordered it and being serve to us and I ate it but I still pay for it.


Ok, this one they never rotate for me. Sorry ah, turn your head.

I like Lotus flower, but this is not a Lotus I think o.o