Tired out

Have been working for 1 week already, did not sleep for a day since yesterday.
Today morning I worked at a event at Bukit batok which has many elderly, they are to collect 3 stamps by visiting station and I was stationing at the "Wii games" they must complete the games to get a stamp so that they can redeem a goodie bag and after a event has ended a granny came over and ask us for stamp and my colleague told the granny saying "We don't have any more stamp." and I laughed after that the old granny keep scolding like cursing me -.- she kept saying "You laugh what laugh" repeating-ly it in Chinese this type of person very @#$%^%$#@! I don't know how to say :/ ok forget it.

Tomorrow I will be having a Picnic with my 3 good friend, Gladys, Janice and Karen hehehe ^^
I made some delicious cookies, I can't wait for tomorrow!