Hi all, it has been long since I've update my blog. Ohmygod I can't seems to be falling asleep even time only after 7am+ when the sun is out, feel so tired when I need to wake up early. Quitted school yesterday. Will continue to work until next year intake or until I have the money for private! Well oh well, today went out with Jiamin, while waiting for her at home I took some photo hehe.

Went shopping at Orchard then later went to Loof for dinner. Cannot imagine I'm wearing the same outfit as Jiamin because I don't know what to wear and I ask her what will she be wearing so I can wear something similar to her, how I know it turn out to be the same only that hers behind there is a zipper pull and mine is some rubber thing.

Karen showing signal for last order done LOL

A cocktail from Alexander(Manager)
Got a taste of Yakult, can't find this in the menu.

Look at my iPod touch casing!

Got LED one hor, cool right?

A guilty perfume for a girl who is always guilty.