Style up with Liese

Let's start this by learning how to pronounce Liese. It is pronounced as "Lee-zay"
Liese is the No 1 styling brand in Japan. Their product are especially made for Asian hair, they have pretty packing and divine smell.

I'm going to show you a tutorial of how easy hairstyling can be achieved with Liese using the Hair treatment and Hair styling product. Below are the two sponsored product from TheSampleStore which I've choose.

 Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist (Left) and Clear Cube Wax, Standard (Right)

Before using Juicy shower (Left)
After using Juicy shower (Right)
This is the difference after using one spray, result is visible immediately. Imagine if you use it every day, your hair will be anti-frizz.

Below is a tutorial by me teaching you how to curl your hair using a hair straightener.

Take your hair, you pull it outward like this (not too hard)
Clip it and turn about 170degree and then you pull it outward.
Note: You must turn it inwards

and tatda you got your curls.

now do the same thing for the other side too.

Twirl your hair like this, apply the wax as you go on.

If some part of your hair is still not straighten like this you can always curl it again at the bottom.

Remember to curl the hair at your back too!

If you accidentally do it wrong you can always redo it by straigtening your hair out.

You can find Liese products at places like
Watson, Guardian, Sasa, Fairprice, etc.

Anyway I'm using Liese hair colour Glossy brown, my first time using D.I.Y dye.

My product review: 
Juicy Shower
It gives my hair a boost of moisture with a light scents of berry, it has no sticky feeling at all nor it is oily. Can see the result immediately also.
What I like is the packaging, it is in one of my favorite colour "Pink" and it is in a spray form which I no need put it on my palm, lather a bit and apply it to my hair which will cause stickiness.

Clear Cube Wax(Standard)
I choose No.3 because it has the medium holding power. The bigger the number the stronger it holds, they have a number range from 1 to 6. It actually depends on what kind of hairstyle you're creating. I choose No.3 because it is easy to control, I can make both straight and curl hairstyle with it but it might not hold long for the curl hairstyle as compared to the straight one I think.

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