I'm miss little ghost.

Today went to school and asked section head how do I quit school because my parent agree to let me quit school this morning when I asked them, because after I've quit school I can work and save money to study at Top to Toe 3 years later and apply for Beauty therapy again on December 2010. And section head ask me not to quit he said I can get a transfer letter from my class advisor to transfer to another course I desire! So cool right? He said getting a transfer letter and apply it as a student is better then quitting and then applying for a course again. Why no one told me this earlier?!?!?!

And yesterday I went to Sentosa for a Spooktacular halloween event, didn't took much photo but I got some photo of people dressing up in costume.

There are a total of 4 attraction but I missed one which is the Tiger Sky Tower because the wind is too big so that attraction is closed.

I just notice this picture of mine look like a lady whom dress up as a ghost yesterday.
This was taken last year November.

Look at her face feature and mine, her lips, nose and eyes is 80% look like me in the photo

A side by side comparison below.

This is what a person will do when she's bored at home,
"Combining photo together."