Went Far East Plaza few days ago with Gladys, she accompanied me there so last minute just to do my pedicure and we went to kbox hehehe ^^V

See these two black and white film, she didn't know cannot open the film cover when there's still film and she open it then the film cannot be used anymore, luckily only left with 3 film. Took all these photo at Kbox boardway.

I removed my hair extensions today, back to short hair.
See me with my short hair when I update my blog again.

My trial period for Beauty Therapy will start at 7 February 2011 till 11 February 2011, what I wish and has been waiting for years has come but why am I not looking forward to it. After that trial period if I got selected I can start studying already. My future career, Beautician. I'm a person that is never gonna give up when I wants something, it is coming already but where is my heart now.