Bangkok Trip

I actually spend 9 hour on this post. -___-

Day 1, 25 December 2010

Arrive Bangkok at noon, first place I went is Chatuchak.
We've got a driver to drive us around bangkok everyday.
Clothing and accessories sold there are all madly cheap!

After shopping we went to dine in at a Seafood restaurant called Khinlom Chom Sa Phan

Walkway to entrance


Their kitchen

Dinning area, they've got live band!

The view outside.

Day 2, 26 December 2011

Today went to a market, it is a train track market! Didn't realize until my mom told me about it.

The walk way is a train track

This aunty chopping the fish while it is still alive! Ohmyggggod~

People will start to pack their stuff when the train is coming.

They do it very last minute and in a quick way.

They will open up their stall when the train left, very quick also!

Mini pineapple, cute looking.

Other then looking good it taste good too, but it is too sweet for me.

After the market we went to the Floating Market

The queue is very long, need to wait for 20 minutes.

Had a Coconut while waiting ^^

Finally on the boat already, is was an 1 hour ride.

People selling item on the river on the boat.

Mom bought 8 kind of fishes at the market to let it go as a kind of good deed.

Resort by the river.

Later we all visited a temple

This temple is inside the trunk of a tree, amazing right? ^^

Queuing up to paste the gold paper on the Buddha.

After praying we had dinner, at the side of the water again!

A boat passing by.

A boat passing by, so I bought some jellies.
You can see people selling stuffs like these on the floating market.

Went to town to pray, was asked to booked a hotel at town but they end up booking a hotel at Samsen Road which is very far away from town. Bangkok is very big you know.

Went to Siam Paragon, I saw a Bebe jacket that I like it cost 5k+ Baht wanted to buy it but it was the last piece and the zipper is spoiled if not I would buy it. Fuckzxc! Shall go to Bebe in Singapore tomorrow to see if there is still this jacket a not.

Day 3, 27 December 2010

Gonna visit the temple that is owned by the king.

It is very large inside but nothing much actually.

These flower and incense are for praying.

View from the back.

Touching up the gold bit by bit.

Bought all these at chinatown, things at chinatown are mostly wholesales.

Day 4, 28 December 2010

Got this lot from a temple, I don't really understand chinese luckily my Mom is a Thai and she understand Thai word. But she just don't want to translate is for me -.- keep asking me to burn this away so I asked her friend to translate it for me. This is "Asking me to stay at home often and when I'm sick don't always anyhow run. And if I want something wait for it, don't keep thinking about it. The more I think about it the more I won't get it."

Got another lot too, is about my love life. A bad lot too.
It says that "It's still not time for me to be in a relationship yet. The person whom will be in my life will not appear so soon, means I have to wait for a very long time for my true love to appear. No luck in love."

Hopefully 2011 will be a better year for me.

Finally I'm at dream world! It's a theme park.

Mom got this ticket for me, there are many different kinds of ticket.
Mine will entitled me to play all the rides hehehe ^^

Went into a attraction, it is some kind of giant house.

I'm a little bird trapped in the cage.

Extra large big huge shoeee!

This is the giant house.

My key is so heavy, arghhhh!

Excited, haha.

Outside the haunted house, it is not even scary inside!

Pirate ship, my sister is scare so sat at the most front row. Not fun at all :/
Their Pirate ship front row height is Singapore Escape theme park top row.

This is the Space Mountain, have no ideal what is inside LOL
Took the ride, it was very dark inside, we went high up and and came down in circle and circle as if I'm in the space.

Didn't get to play all the ride because there's not enough time ):
Happy that I bought Naraya bag, bought 4 of them hehe.
There's Elephant ride inside too, you can ride on a real elephant.

Day 5, 29 December 2010

Visited the Safari today, the tiny things on the picture above is actually birds.
They are quite huge actually, just that my camera failed to capture it or maybe it is very high above.

Entrance fee to safari is 400 baht but they charge foreigner 800 baht.

Sun Crones! This bird is very cute and tiny it looked like a parrot but it is not.

I wanted to take a picture of myself and the bird, because my camera has dual lcd so I can see what am I taking on the front lcd and the bird saw itself and it kept walking towards my camera to see itself as I pulled it away from me.

This is so scaryyyy! It held my hand and wanted to kiss me and I keep defending him from kissing me.
Later he want me to piggy back it and it just jump on me -__- scare the hell out of me.

Yum yum, eating ice-cream during a hot weather feels so nice.

Ate candy floss while waiting for the Dolphin show 

Can you see it jumping? On the right.

And this on the left.

This big mammal only can be found in two country which is Thailand and I forgetten what is that another country already. 

This is the Spy war show, quite boring. Only that the flaming effect fascinate people.

Very cute LOL, always smiling and like to pose for camera.

Forget to mention, first show I watched is the Cow boy show it is the best among all.
After watching the show our driver drove us into the safari which is only can be entered by vehicle.

I adore this small Zebra, very cute!

Two fighting animal

It likes to take photo, kept coming near to me.

Had dinner after visiting the safari

This is a beautiful place

Prawns~ So much of them, I love to eat prawn! Especially huge one.

Night view, quite blur actually.

Day 6, 30 December 2010

Had breakfast at the Diamond House, it is actually a hotel. A very cosy hotel, will want to stay there when I visit Bangkok next time, one night is only 1200Baht to 2000Baht if I never remember wrongly.

Today my Mom friend came to fetch us to shopping, went to centre mall nothing much over there.

But opposite of that shopping mall there is stall selling clothing and accessories, I love these kind of shop things there are cheap.

Day 7, 31 December 2010

Sand sculpture exhibition

Came here to count down, this place is quite near to my hotel.

Fireworks were set up here, outside the temple.

Look at my plain face, did not make up today. This drink is nice, ate a lot over there.

These are the mini dim sum, very cute haha.

I blew up a fire works that night too, so fun. And set a car alarm up because the fire works bomb was too loud.

Day 8, 1 January 2011

Today woke up at 9am, finally can sleep so long because I need to wake up at 7am every morning to get prepared. Checked out at 12noon and headed to the Airport.

Look! Bangkok is huge, traveling from places to places will take up to hours.

Look at these cloud, looks like frozen. It's quite cold outside.

Things that I do there everyday is visiting temple, and eating prawn ^^
Went to Khaosan Road thrice, because it is very near to my hotel.
Skin became dry. Used to told that blowing air-condition always the skin will become like snake, I didn't believe it. Now it happen to me but not too much, will apply lotion for it to recover.
Tuesday will be my interview for Traineeship courses, hope I will get in!
I miss Loof very much, will only start work on Friday :/

I did facial for myself when I got back home yesterday, wanted to make a appointment today for facial but it was fully booked so I have no choice but to do it myself, it is very easy only. 

  1. Clean, clean your face with make up remover.
  2. Wash, wash it with a cleanser.
  3. Scrub, use a face scrub on your face when it's dry.
  4. Steam, set up a steamer and steam your face for 5 minutes.
  5. Wipe, use a cotton wool to wipe off the water vapor.
  6. Squeeze, use a Q stick and squeeze out your pores/blackhead or whatever
  7. Mask, apply a mask for 30 minute.
  8. Tone, apply a toner and whatever you need to apply after that.
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