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Yesterday after my school end I rushed to work last minute, until now I still feel tired because of not having enough sleep. I wish I can blog like how I used to last time with a lot of elaboration and not by just posting photo, photo and photo. I admit that I'm lazy but I wish that I could change, having many outing like last time, taking a lot of picture and having a good meal. I really hope I can enjoy life, I'm just too busy these few day. 

With Beauty Therapy friends.

A month ago my upper naval piercing skin keep tearing, so few week ago I went back to Primitive for a check up which Jiamin went there for piercing. They said mine is an infection, I ask how could I cure it and she recommend me to buy this this is a Sea salt water. It is suitable for body and oral piercing, only need to spray at the affected area 3 to 6 times per day. Mine is getting well already, just that sometimes I will forget to spray it because I'm too busy. Retailing at $25 if I did not remember wrongly.

This is my retainer, look exactly as a invisaglin.
Invisaglin is a transparent braces.

This is the lower part, broke into half while I'm brushing it.

Upper part going to break soon too.

Tomorrow I'm going back to my dentist to make a new one, sure gonna cost me a bomb.


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