Awesome night

Yesterday I went Orchard for a walk while waiting for Jazreel to get ready. Had my dinner at Coffee Club, after that meet Jazreel at Paragon. After getting her stuff we went to Far East Plaza for another dinner, so I ate twice haha. After eating we waited for taxi at the taxi stand, their queue standard one always have to wait very long, call cab also hard to get.

First we went to Forbidden City Cocoon Bar located at Boay Quay, it is a ice bar. She's so funny, the staff open the cubicle lock and asked us to go in so I went in first and she gave me a shock by saying "Serene come out!" and gave me a kind of expression keep asking me don't go in say inside very dangerous. She was scare that the staff will lock us inside, so she went around to look at the cubicle and she think the cubicle is transparent but if we were locked inside will people save us? Because most Singaporean are selfish. The staff kept asking us why don't want to go in so we told him that we are scare that we will be trapped inside. After knowing that the staff will be inside with us then she rest assure so we went in and have our shot, before drinking she said that she was very cold so she went out to get a coat and went in again. We left after having our shot, nothing much inside. When we left someone offered us something free and Jazreel wanted to go in, I said don't want because free things aren't good. Nothing is free in this world.

Took a stroll to Boat Quay and we went to another ice bar called Eski Bar, it is much more better over there. They have got cocktail thus Cocoon Bar only serve 42 Below Vodka. Below are the photo we took at Eski Bar.

Name of the cocktail is "Artica Ice"
I always love milky cocktail

Their coat is quite big for me, doesn't smell good but I can say their customer service is good.

Went to Raining Bar as Eski Bar is closing at 1am. We both ordered a tower of tiger to share and had Raw Prawn too, I always love prawn but yesterday I eat until I scare. Made me no appetite when I see prawn in my food today. 

Raining Bar closed at 3am so we head to Doll House after that, I was so crazy that I requested to go onto the stage to sing a song.

Reach home and I vomited after removing my make up, is like gosh I need to do house work feels like disgusted by seeing what I vomited and I feel nausea so I vomited more. All I see on my vomit is cheese, lobster and prawn which made the sink stuck and I need to use my hand to dig whatever that is stuck there oh my feel so sick doing that.

That's all for this post, shall blog again in a few more day. Stay tune!