Singapore Flyer 2011

First stop for today is Marina Bowl, met Maoqi and we went to play bowling I also broke my nails while playing. While waiting for her I bought a tin of lollipop, the packaging is Hello Kitty so cute! After bowling we took a stroll to Singapore flyer and I took some very hilarious video must watch ok!

This is the 3rd time I sat on Singapore Flyer and I think many changes has been made there like new shopping places, entertainment and dining.

This is my old house, haha! Joking ^^

It was a last minute plan to take the Singapore Flyer flight,  after buying the ticket we went to Kenko for Fish Spa which I've been waiting for weeks. Is is a fish therapy where Garra Rufa fish exfoliate your feet dead skin as well as massage and it gives you stress relieving.

Watch the video below, the process of us doing fish spa MUST WATCHH! I make sure it will put a smile on your face ^^

Did you know that the Singapore Flyer is towering 165 metres above the city?

I've another video for you guys that I film it when we're on our way checking in ^^

Went to have our dinner after the flyer ride, I love the ancient feel. It is located at 1st floor #01-09/12 it is called Singapore Food Trail the dining concept sets to bring out the nostalgia and charm of the 1960s.

All these antique are for sales.

Dinner for two, we can't finish the fried rice omg!

Went to Marina Bay Sands after that because I want to watch the Water Lazer Light show but then it start at 9pm so we skipped it and went home :(

I want to go to this museum! Someone please bring me there!