Degustation Singapura

Today I explored a amazing place "Chinatown". You all should know where is it right? haha It is rare for me to go there for a walk and especially a hot weather like today. My main purpose to go there is to the Heritage Centre to know more about Chinatown history.

When I reach there I saw this temple and I'm feeling curious so I went in to take a look.

Alaca Vidyaraja, guardian deity for person born in the year of rooster.

I weren't meant to dress like that, just that I'm wearing a skirt and a sleeveless top so I have to borrow their clothing to cover myself up, this is a kind of respect. 

After the temple, here we are to the Chinatown Heritage Centre is located at Pagoda street.

It is a 3 storey museum, at there I studied about how people live in Chinatown during the past and many kind of history. Gonna share with you something I read that is interesting "During the past women drink snake blood to achieve beautiful skin." This is cool, anyone know place that sell reptile soup? I feel like giving it a try.

So sorry that I do not have any photo taken in the museum because photo taking are not allowed inside.

But I got something to share, again ^^ it's FOOD! We had our lunch at the Heritage Restaurant.

OK, after all the photo snapping our drinks is being serve.

Premium Green Tea

Singapore Sling

Followed by the food, we had a 6 course meal.

There is something Indian about S’pore

Their curry pottage infusion gave me a kind of Indian feeling, the curry is delicious love it!

Raffles’ First Congee
A seafood version of congee, this is very delicious!

Bird of Paradise
The roast duck fillet is very tender and has a crispy skin, love it~

Ordered second round of drinks this time Maoqi ordered Lemon tea and I order Singapore Sling

Ice Lemon Tea

Singapore Sling

The New Chicken Rice
Can you believe that this is a plate of chicken rice?!

Transparence Governance

To me this pan fried vermicelli gave me a thai taste.

Swing Singapore
A mango custard ice-cream topped above the singapore sling, love their ice-cream.

I love all the dish that is being serve, to me everything just seems so perfect. I'm not saying this because I'm hungry, it is really delicious. You have to try it, delicious is all I have to say! That's not all, the food that they serve does not include MSG.

You can purchase it online here at $39 instead of $98

The Singapore Heritage Restaurant
46 Pagoda Street, Chinatown 
Singapore 059205
Tel: 6225 2001 
Museum – 11am to 7pm (Monday to Sunday)
Restaurant – 11:30am to 10:30pm (Monday to Sunday)