World Largest Bird Paradise

I visited the Jurong Bird Park yesterday together with Maoqi. The last time I been there is like when I'm in Primary school?
With 5,000 birds across 380 species, Jurong Bird Park is one of the world best in the conservation and display of birds in its natural settings.



This is a Wetland bird, I don't know the species

Bird from the Riverine, I like the brown bird ^^ looks cute

Ostrich, Dinosaur Descendants
Do you know it takes at least 30 minute to boil an ostrich egg?

Snowy Owl

Interesting facts about owl:
  • Owls have good vision in the day and their eyesight is excellent at night.
  • Owls have the best hearing of all birds.
  • Owls cannot move their eyes from side to side but they can turn their heads three quarters of the way around.

After all the walk we went to the Songbird Terrace to have a Lunch with the Parrots

I actually got scare by a Crowned Pigeons, I wanted to take a photo with it and it flaps its wings and I went screaming away.

I realize we never been to the one of the star attractions "African Waterfall Aviary" it has over 1,500 free flying birds with 30 meter waterfall as a backdrop. How can we miss it?!

Around noon we left Jurong Bird Park to Choa Chu Kang KBox