A Sakae Affair

Met up with Gracia at Cathay Cineleisure yesterday, it was my first outing with her. We catch the movie "Fist of Dragon". There isn't much story about this movie but the moral of this movie is to teach people to be "UNITED". Nothing is impossible and undone if you're united. I love the fighting scene, so exciting! haha

Below is the trailer of the movie:

After the movie we headed to SCAPE Building for our lunch, on our way there we met someone godly~

I had my fortune told by her from tarot reading, it is really accurate. Definitely worth trying!

She is reachable at venuswang@live.com

Our lunch is at Sakae Sushi~ we had the buffet lunch, this is also my first time having buffet at Sakae Sushi because normally I order them individually. Let me share with you some tips about food at Sakae Sushi

My first time eating raw salmon feels so ohmygod! Not disgusting at all, it has a smooth texture.

Sakae Sushi's use fresh Norwegian Salmon and are air flown to Singapore daily. The health benefits of salmon are:
  • High in Omega 3
  1. Improve Brain Function
  2. Prevents High Blood Pressure
  3. Reduces High Cholesterol
  4. Prevent Obesity
  • Good source of many vitamins and minerals

Drinking Green tea is good, I always order them when it's available and can be found around me. It is antioxidants and with regular drinking it can brings you good health.

These are the benefits if you drink them regularly:
  1. It can lower the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and stoke.
  2. Helps to improve / enhance memory and learning ability.
  3. Has fat burning properties and promote weight lost.
  4. Protect skin from UV ray and improve skin elastic tissues.
  5. You will have lower cholesterol level than those who do not drink it.
  6. Green tea also has anti-diabetic properties.
  7. Green tea may protect against heart disease, it promote cardio protection and reduce heart muscle cell death after a heart attack.
  8. Green tea lower blood pressure an helps prevent hypertension.
  9. Green tea shows promise in the prevention of stoke.
  10. May reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.
  11. Green tea also appear to prevent the formation of blood clots.
  12. Source of energy, drinking green tea will increases your exercise endurance.
  13. May protect smokers from oxidative damages and reduce cancer risk or other diseases.
  14. Green tea may increase bone mineral density which prevent osteoporosis and bone loss.
  15. Green tea prevents tooth decay. It kills the bacteria that cause dental plaques, bad breath and increases the acid resistance of tooth enamel.
  16. Green tea may help people with arthritis by reducing inflammation and slowing cartilage breakdown.
  17. It has bacterial destroying abilities and can help preventing food poisoning.
  18. Green tea appears to support healthy liver and protect it from the damage by toxic substances such as alcohol.
Only if you drink them regularly! ;) 

Sharing about my tarot reading result ^^

I took this sushi from the belt because I like the "food" on top don't know what is it so gave it a try, this was the spiciest sushi I ever tasted on this day.

Rice Vinegar is use to make sushi, it is not just for flavour. Benefits of vinegar go beyond adding flavour to your food and sushi rice wouldn't have existed if there is no vinegar.

Benefit benefit~
  1. Keep blood pressure low
  2. Reduces fatigue
  3. Improves appetite and digestion
  4. Increases body metabolism
  5. Enhances beauty and anti-aging
  6. Acts as a natural antibiotic
  7. Maintain good health

That empty white long plate is Chicken Katsu Cheese, my all time favourite at Sakae Sushi.

This is how much we ate, Gracie ate so much of that raw octopus ohmyggggod~

After eating we went to the nearest lan shop for gaming, we played audition for 2 hours.

Before I went home I got a new loot for myself, it is a cute cute hello kitty mini phone portable charger ^^