The World Of Legends

Yes, this year theme for Chinese Garden is "The World Of Legends" I went there today during late evening together with Maoqi and Wenting. It is a great place for families during the lantern festival. Here are some pictures of the attraction.

There is a twin pagoda near the entrance and we went up to the one on the right, 3 storey.

Wishing Tree, $6 per throw. Just outside the twin pagoda.

This one was much higher, 7 storey.

Maoqi said she don't wanna go up but she was the first one to start haha!

Day scenery of Chinese Garden from the 7 floor of the pagoda.

This is the kids fun land that are not to be miss for the kids! Get $2 off for $12 purchase of  funland tickets from the entrance ticket.

First 500 visitor daily will get a free lantern, we are one of them because of me we reach there too early.

Hmmm, what does this resemble??

Say hello to the cutie panda~

I love this dragon photo.

Heard from my mum every 15 October in a part of Thailand the lucky one will be able to see the sea dragon coming off shore.(True a not?)

Chinese character input method: Cangjie

On the 12 September and every Sunday during this period there will be a Fireworks show. Find also food stalls, carnival games and cultural performances.

Lastly ending with a photo of us.

$12 for adults (12 & above) and $8 for children (3-11 years old)
28 August 2011 - 18 September 2011 (Light will start lighting up around 7pm)

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