Punggol Park

It's a holiday! How about exploring new place we never been before? 

We have heard about Jomando and today we are here at Punggol park!

Started off from Punggol park and rode from Serangoon PC, when you see this sign you are heading to Sungei Serangoon PC

Scenery while on my way to Sungei Serangoon PC

Those tent you see on the left is Punggol Prawning site, other than prawning you can also catch fish and crab or have a meal, they have seafood restaurant, bar etc. 

Places for anyone who pass by to rest, all I can say the park is clean and have good environment.

Me setting up self timer to take a picture of myself LOL

A metal rail situated beside the resting area to park your bike

Off we go!

I am now at the back entrance to prawning place, but I am not going in ^^

Going further up exploring more places!

Lorong Halus Wetland
Formerly a landfill site, Lorong Halus Wetland sits next to Serangoon Reservior, Singapore 17th reservoir and an important source of our water supply.

The are has been transformeed under PUB's Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters(ABC Waters) Programme into a venue for recreation and community bonding to bring us closer to water.

If you are thirsty you can cross this bridge and you will be able to find a water cooler there

Bridge leading to Punggol waterway

Still on my way, this is a different bridge that have a identical design.

This route will lead you to the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk if I'm not wrong, didn't go that way thou.

Ok I got to the wrong lane, if you are going the same way as me I recommend you to stay on the left lane if not......

Punggol Waterway Park
You will have to pass by this bridge

Then take the slope down

And you will reach here, the way to sand filled playground and...

Other play area like the water play place that children love the most

If you are feeling hungry you can go further up, turn right and you will find a food stall, toilet etc.. It is ok if you miss out the Punggol Promenade if you take the same route as me because when you follow the route on the right it will lead you there and then go back to Lorong Halus Wetland. I made a U-turn instead of heading straight because the time for the bicycle I rented is almost up and I felt so hungry + out of strength!

We have each rent a bike for 2 hour, these are rate and operation hour:
2pm - 8pm
Senior citizen and student $6/2hour

Weekend and Public Holiday
9am - 8pm

Please note that they are close on Monday unless it is a school/public holiday

How to get there:
Bus 62, 74, 113, 119, 147 to Hougang Avenue 8 > walk to park
Buangkok MRT & Walk to park via Serangoon Park Connector
Car via Hougang Avenue 8
(Don't go to the wrong entrance if you are driving and want to get to the bicycle rental kiosk)

Thank you for reading my post, here is something to share with you guys which I found at Jomando Facebook :

Hope you have as much fun exploring as I did and do hydrate yourself!