Laksania means Laksa ONLY, this is my 2nd time eating at Laksania. Everything they serve is related to laksa, the first time I ate here is when I am craving for laksa as well as pasta and I saw a Laksa Lasagne here and I order it without any hesitation.

The food in Laksania is halal certified and they also serve food for vegetarian.

Sarawak Laksa ($7.50)
Sarawak laksa has a spicy and flavourful prawn and chicken broth served with fine rice vermicelli. Highly recommended to squeeze lots of lime over the dish and garnish with coriander leaves....lots.

Kelantan Laksa ($7.50)
A kid friendly not so spicy laksa. Kelantan laksa uses fish and yellow ginger to give its distinctive colour and flavour. Generous amounts of fish meat are put into the soup. Many hours are painstaking spent to debone the fishes by hand to create this dish. Kelantan Laksa is served with thick rice noodles, fresh cucumber strips and a special sambal chilli.

Singapore Laksa ($6.50)
Our version of the local favourite, rich broth with the full flavours of dried shrimp, shallots, local spices cooked with coconut milk. Served with thick rice noodles. Must try! 

Chicken Satay with laksa soup based dressing ($3.80)
Best satay I ever tried, they have a very meaty chicken and a unique laksa sauce

Address: Bugis+ #04-04 Singapore 188067
Telephone: 6636 9776

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