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This was my first time stepping into this restaurant because I don't know what they serve inside until today. They have many range of ramen available inside, I am sure you can find something you like.

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Free seating concept

Aoyama's Special Tonkotsu Ramen ($15.00)
Broth is rich with hints of black pepper serve with soft thin noodles and fatty pork that is not too marinated.

Bario's Ajitama Ramen ($14.50)
Broth is thick and rich in flavour with the addition of fresh cabbage and bean sprouts. Signature Bario noodles is thick and chewy.

Gantetsu's King Chashu Ramen ($15.00)
Broth is mild and slightly flavoured by the shredded ginger and pork. The pork cha shu is tender and well marinated.

Ikkousha's Spicy Takana Ramen ($15.00)
I like this broth the most, it is spicy and slightly sour, pork and noodles are thin and soft.

Iroha's King's Ramen ($18.00)
For the lover of spicy soup, they use miso as their soup base and using only chicken for the broth.

Riki's Riki Tsukemen ($13.00)
Pork broth is thick and hearty with the taste of garlic. Noodles are thick and chewy.

Taishoken's Cold & Spicy Tsukemen ($17.00)
Taishoken own 100 shops in Japan. Cold noodles is the only dry options for noodles, tossed with fresh lemon and chili oil made it so freshing for the weather in Singapore. Spicy flavourful minced pork is served at the side, can be replaced with a well marinated half boiled egg for a non-spicy option.

Taka No Tsume's Ramen Deluxe with Sichuan Style Sauce ($17.00)
Mildly spicy broth is rich and milky. Unique taste of brinjal adds an interesting taste to the broth.

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Address: Bugis+ #04-10 Singapore 188067
Telephone: 6238 1011
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