I feel so fuming every time after my visit, worst is they are causing stress to me by harassing me all the time before and during my visit which left me so traumatized! I can't take it anymore hence I decided to write this blog post with artefacts from other victims.

My Experience

First Visit
How I found out about Tokyo Bust is from an advertisement put up by SS(don't want to mention brand) saying that they are giving out free treatment just by answering a few question in their google docs "form" (how unprofessional) and usually to proceed for these treatment the customer must be above 21 but the minimum age for Tokyo Bust is 18 so without hesitating I filled the form up and also stated that I my preferred location is NEX Serangoon. Few hours later I receive a phone call from Tokyo Bust asking me to fix an appointment with them at City Square Mall outlet where I insisted on going to NEX Serangoon as it is nearer to my place however I ended up at City Square Mall with them offering me extra session that NEX don't provide (as if lor), brainwashing to me with many other things and saying that it is only few stops away from Serangoon by train (which sums up to about 45 minute from my home by train -.-).

When I reach there they let me wait at the sitting area offering me a cup of hot water, after around 20 minute I was bought into the consultant room to hear what the consultant has got to say. Instead of what I was told to be given from the advertisement and on the phone she offered me something else and said that it is personalize to suits me BUT I am not allow to proceed with the treatment yet, I was asked to sign a package despite saying that I only wanted to try out the free treatment. They ask me to ignore the price stated on the paper and they quote me a student price so I end up spending my last saving buying their 1 hour of talk by signing the treatment package which consist of 10 TT-Push Up (I think) just to get out of that place and finally proceed with my treatment. I really regretted paying for the package as those money are for my coming birthday fund, now I really know that nothing is free in this world!

During Visit
Because I only have TT-Push Up therefore they push to sell me their massage service which cost about few hundred dollar per treatment so that I can do both treatment together for better effect. Every time when they ask me to buy their massage service I will try my very best to reject their offer with whatever reason I can think of which they won't even care nor take it to heart, in less than 5 times I have visited for treatment I have already rejected them for more than a hundred times and they still wouldn't give up where they will end up turning back to shoot me with their "logic" on why I need this and that, then insult me saying that I am under developed and saying that recommending all these to me are for my own good. If this person failed asking me to buy then they will get someone else to talk me into buying. Whenever I say NO they will ask me why do I even bothering signing up for the package in the first place if I don't want, reason why is that they have talked so much during my first visit (1hr wasted on consultation) so the only way to escape is to buy their talking and sign the package. Whenever I say no to them their face and attitude will completely change when they are about to give up asking, sometimes I think that they really don't know what does "no" means and I walked out without fixing another appointment.

After Visit
They will always call me to fix an appointment with them, sometimes calling me once daily telling me "You very long never come already leh." (when I just visited like last week) I also said "I will call back to make an appointment with you when I am free, I won't be free until....(certain date)." but I don't think they did take note of it. Some times they will call me during lesson time which makes me sacrifice a few minute of lecture by picking up a unnecessary call from them -.- After numerous time I decided to save their number and decided not to pick up any phone call from that number but then they still use another number to call me. They also used tatic to lure me into making appointment such as offering my free this and that but I won't be so naive and be bought by their words anymore.

I actually thought of just finishing my remaining session without buying any massage but now I don't think I even want to continue anymore, because for every remaining session I have is like a chance for them to get me to sign another treatment package and to stress me out mentally and financially moreover I don't have any vision of seeing any outcome nor have any expectation from them therefore it is ok for my to ditch the package. They are so cold-hearted, they don't even want to understand the customer finance situation before asking them to purchase a package. HELLO I AM ONLY A STUDENT AND I DON'T COME FROM A WEALTHY FAMILY. Worst is I can't even have a peace of mind during the treatment, I should be in the room sleeping and relaxing not to listening to all those hardselling, they should really give a thought of others instead of achieve their sales target lah. They even tried persuading me to use my bank money when I said my bank has no money, worst still is they ask me to get money from friend and family to buy their package. Got so desperate a not? They also ask me not to spend my money on snack (I already told the therapist many times that I don't snack and it seems like she can't understand) but rather spend them on treatment is which more worth it, ya if I buy then it benefits them not me and since when did I start snacking? I hope they will understand that parents give me daily pocket money to complete my 3 meals but not to buy these package, even if I have remaining money I would also save it up for something else; they also ask me to request more pocket money from my parents so that I can have more to spend (what the?!). They think my parents open bank? Tell me why should I even continue when I see no improvement from there. "Oh no improvement? That's why you should spend more so that you will see the difference, don't waste your package!" Haha, wth?

To me the TT machine is only a machine that gave out electro pluse, nothing special. How about the massage? Ummm, anyone can do the massage themselve so why bother spending few hundreds or even thousands dollar when we can get the instruction from internet and manual from bust cream which is low/no cost. How about their other product they used which claim that the ingredients are from Japan and will provide enhancement, how credible is it? Did the therapist plant the ingredient themselves, have they been to the factory/farm to see for themselves? I doubt so. Who knows what they are using on you.

All I can say is that I suffer a lot after knowing them and regretted the first step I take (blame myself for being greedy and attracted by free stuffs), I should not have even gave in to them which cause me to be in debts with myself; shall just take this as a lesson bought.

What I think that Tokyo Bust staff must practice is to:
  • Respect customers decision
  • Provided quality service with no other intention
  • Don't do intensive hard selling

When I told them I don't wish to buy anything anymore, I am already satisfied with my own figure and don't see any need to increase my bust size where my main motive is only to get their free treatment then they insist that bigger boobs is more attractive. No I don't think so, here is some fact I found from the internet:
  • Poor men like big breasts while financially secure men prefer smaller breasts.
  • Hungry men desire big breasts while satiated men prefer a smaller chest.
  • Sexist men prefer large breasts

I don't want to meet any of these mens in my life, and here is the benefits of smaller breast:
  • Saggy make ones look old, larger breast sags over time.
  • Better posture, no back pain!
  • More bra options.

Below artefacts contains supports from other victims perspective, read and you will understand why I say don't patronize Tokyo Bust if you still don't get it.

Artefacts 1

These conversation are found on Hardwarezone forum in the topic of "are there any customers of tokyo bust express here?". Hardwarezone is not related to beauty therefore the rest of the reply to this forum topic is totally unrelated to the questions, you can see if you were to check out the webpage. However I cannot determine that if these posting is credible a not as I don't know who is the person that is writing the post and the writer only has 1 or 2 posts on Hardwarezone therefore they might be judged as a flamer that want to bring the company reputation down even though what they said might be true. 

Artefacts 2

What you have read above may be a more realistic artefactc as these comments are from a blog post that Blogger Tricia was sponsored by Tokyo Bust and it shows many disappointment from her reader base on their personal experience.

As a blogger myself I will feel happy upon receiving sponsorship invitation especially if that is what I would spend my money on or something worth to try, however I will do research on that company before accepting the invitation so I ought all blogger to find out the background of that company before taking up any sponsorship from them as by taking up the sponsorship it might cause readers to lose trust in them. To Publisher: Regardless of what the company is offering in exchange for an advertisement space, please do a background research on the company before advertising for them or it might tarnish your reputation.

Another thing I will worry about is the welfare, sometimes when the company know that a blogger is visiting them the company will usually try to present their very best to the blogger so that the blogger will write good things about the company from what they have experience during their visit and the blogger will of course write base on what they have experience not because of any vested interest or because it is sponsored. So when the blogger's said positive things about the company it will usually cause a bandwagon effect as the readers trust the blogger BUT then when it is their readers turn to visit things turned out different, they were treated differently from what they expect to happen. I am not saying that all blog reviews cannot be trusted, yes you can trust them but to a certain extend. However it is not the blogger fault so blogger's are not to be blamed but then be wise in deciding on which sponsorship to be taken up! The company itself should be blamed for being scheming.

Artefacts 3

The above artefacts is found in a blog with their purpose of:
  1. Let’s unite to make our voices known here to spread the word in good faith so others will be able to make an informed choice.
  2. Substantial majority of negative reviews may lead to unity in pursuing your case as soon as possible to relevant authorities.
I can totally relate to the blog owner, I have also thought of creating something like that but after much thoughts I think that it is useless. I have also thought of going to CASE to lodge a complaint about Tokyo Bust Express but I don't think they will take any action, furthermore I doubt the money I have spend is way more than what others have paid. Why did I say so? I always visit salon with minimal accessories, poorly dressed and not bringing any bank cards. Reason why is that all the promotions they have mention do not even exits, I have worked in these industry before and I know how these things work ok. By the way, the more expensive you are seen in their more money they think you will have therefore from there they will know how much to force out from you then only at the point when there is really no choice when you will have no money then they will quote you a so called "special/student price" where there is no such things because they call the shot, there are no transparency at all.


You may say that all the artefacts I have included are going against them and yes, that's my intention of writing this blog post. Not convince yet? Here are the others must read reviews:
Final word: Don't patronize Tokyo Bust, it will only bring you stress if you are not financial independent unless you are willing to pay hundred thousands for those treatment. Ohya, they don't even have an outlet in Tokyo, Japan. Embrace what you have, people with bigger boobs are having more problems than a person with smaller boobs.

Updated on 14 July 2016
To my realization, this blog post is still alive until today since my last publication on 10 December 2014 with a unique view of 6008 readers.

Recently I receive few worthy comments direct to my Facebook account which I think I should share:

Nope, I did not finish my treatment package. I also guess Tokyo Bust have already found out about this blog post therefore, they are trying make it seems like I am a satisfied customer.

Obviously this user "Jacqueline" just created an Blogger account to comment on my blog post. She is on Blogger since July 2016, and this comment came in on 12 July 2016 which I did not approve to be posted: 

Could she be someone from Tokyo Bust? Who would comment something like this? What is the purpose? Is she trying to prove us wrong?

Hi, Jacquelin. Perhaps if you have feedback on their promotion please direct the message to the company. Thank you.

More to say? Voice your opinion below.


  1. Hi Serene, like you, I am an unsatisfied customer at TBE. I am currently preparing to go to small claims tribunal court with them and would like to ask if you are willing to be my witness by stating your experience at TBE and their hard sell tactics because I will be going up against their legal team and fear for my chances of getting a reasonable refund. If you would be my witness it would greatly improve my chances against this atrocious firm.

    My email is and I would hope to hear from you. At the same time, I would fully understand if you do not wish to stand as witness in a court. Either way, thank you for your blog, it has given me a sense of assurance and that I am not the only one bullied by them :)

    1. I can help. I just came back from Tokyo Bust at Nex mall

  2. Poor men like big breasts while financially secure men prefer smaller breasts.
    Hungry men desire big breasts while satiated men prefer a smaller chest.
    Sexist men prefer large breasts.

    I will like some statistics for that claim to be valid. Also your statements sound like a generalisation.

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  4. Hi Serene,

    I am a victim of TBE too! Allow me to share my experience:

    I was called up on a Tuesday from the Customer Care Service from Tokyo Bust Express, telling me that I am in for a Complimentary bust enhancement treatment. Interested to only find out how the experience would be, I then made an appointment for it the next day.

    So on Wednesday, I reached Nex's branch and was not exactly welcomed by the working staff. Only the cleaner aunty looked friendly while the others do not seem to have acknowledged my presence. Alice was kind and friendly and explained to me about how the different treatment works and suggested me to have a Detoxification TT push treatment to go with my complimentary bust enhancement treatment. After some persuasion, I realised that the treatment will never be able to start without any payment. (At least, it will not be possible at this branch. What happens later on will persuade you of this point)

    After I made a payment of $200 (excl. GST) for the Detox machine treatment (which original price is $600), Alice came in to tell me again that her manager is willing to let me enjoy the detox message if I were to pay an additional $150. I pushed the offer down but throughout from the start of the treatment till through the treatment, Alice keep prompting for me to just pay $150. However, I did not go for the message in the end.

    After the treatment, I was led back to the same consultation room again and Alice started to persuade me to go for a 20 sessions TT push machine treatment, saying that there is a need to maintain the treatment. What came really shocking to me was that no matter how hard I push the offers away, the price of the treatment gets lower and lower. Throughout the process, different staff came in to try their luck at persuading me to get more treatment. The last offer I go was a 10 session treatment for simply $107, down from $315. And after much rejection, there was a 5-year experience manager/supervisor that suggested me to get a mousse for $107 instead, if I really would not like the treatments. Knowing that (once again), I will not be able to move on without paying more, I settled for the mousse and made my payment. While doing the payment, the staff at the counter (including those who appeared ignorant during my arrival) all had smiley faces.

  5. Throughout this whole experience, what I am really upset about is how the staff there are really pushy. I understand that they need and wish to earn money, but I find it totally ridiculous how the price can drop so easily and this really make me question the cost price of the treatments and products.

    If I were to calculate, the shop has offered me $107 for 10 treatments while they have charged me $200 for just a SINGLE treatment.

    Also, its also quite an irony how verbally they have explained that they understand that I am a student and I may be financially tight.

    And then what they replied when I continuously reject the offers: 'Why not? It is just $100 only, is it that hard?'

    And no matter how hard I have tried to explain that I was there just for the experience and not because I have any bust problems, and that I am not interested in any of their treatments, they insisted that the treatments are 'necessary'.

    'We know you are not interested, but it is necessary!'

    And each time I have pushed down the offer of one staff, they will excuse themselves and say that they are getting the receipt for me. But in fact, what happens is that a different staff will come in and try to sell their treatment/ product all over again.

    In summary, I am GREATLY DISSATISFIED with my experience at Tokyo Bust Express @ Nex. This could be how things work in the company, but I would like to greatly appeal to Tokyo Bust Express that if they truly care about the client, they should care about their welfare too. As much as they deem some of the treatments to be 'necessary', I hope they will also respect their client's decisions.

    At the end of the day, I have spent a total of $331.70 and a total of near 3 hours. I have regretted accepting the complimentary treatment right after I left. It was not a pleasant experience at all and I will HIGHLY DISCOURAGE my friends to Tokyo Bust Express (Especially NEX branch). I will also not visit that branch ever again.

    Its a pity that I did not find this blog post of yours before heading down, Serene! However, I hope that your post will reach out to more ladies out there so that they wont be cheated off their money.

    Best Regards,

  6. I faced the same situation! Just 2 weeks ago, a customer service officer from TBE gave me a call and told me that I have "won" the complimentary customised bust treatment which I clicked from a promotion I found in Facebook. I saw so many bloggers who went for their complimentary treatments writing all good reviews about it and how you can see effect in just one treatment so I went. When I reached there, after they did some measurements, there was nothing like what was mentioned as "customised bust treatment". They said I needed detox massage and the TT push up machine package and recommended that I go for a trial and went on to say that the 3x treatments I got are for maintenance only and not to tackle the problem I have at present stage. I knew they were not going to start anything unless I sign for the trial and so I did. I was led into a room which was nothing like what was seen in the blogs with a dimly lit light which looks like it is going to fall off from the wall anytime. The therapist began to do the detox treatment for me and told me stories of other customers who took 10-20+ times. After the session, I was led to the consultation room where they tried to persuade me to sign package for the detox massage and same experience with all of you, the price got lower and lower as I rejected the offer each time with whatever reasons I could think of. The consultant who could not succeed in persuading me then got her senior manager (whom I understand manages 2 outlets) to come and do the persuasion. And that explains why they said to reserve 2 hours for the entire session. Eventually, I knew I had to sign something if not i am not going to be able to get out from the shop and so I signed for 10 sessions which they said is the minimum that I can get.
    On the second/third visit, new things came up. They asked me to get a product which will speed up the progress of my treatments. They asked me to give them a chance to prove that it works and said before and after photos will be taken for comparison. A few rounds of persuasion went on and I thought if I do not do it, it will keep popping up and so I did a trial. After the trial, the whole thing that happened on the first day repeated itself. I was really determined not to get anymore packages/products but they tried and tried for 3 sessions or so and it really gets on my nerves. On the day when I signed, it was because I really had to rush to somewhere and to stop them and to get out, I reluctantly signed 5 sessions for the "new" treatment.
    I thought that was the end of it but I was wrong. They said I needed suction and Okina C after that. If I needed those, shouldn't they be part of the 3x customised bust treatments? Why should I be paying for something that is supposed to be complimentary in your promotion? I asked the therapists (note: the Therapist who always does my treatments and the therapist who stand-in for the usual therapist when she is on off) again on what they mean by customised treatments. They replied me that it is only for maintenance which everyone needs. So, this thing really bothered me a lot and I decided to call back to the customer service officer at TBE's call centre to check. Am waiting for her to get back because I've got 2 more sessions before I stop going there to "waste" time and money. The amount of money which I told them I could have spent on more milk powders, diapers, school fees but they don't seem to understand.

    By the way, how was the outcome of the case brought to small claims tribunal? Was it successful?
    Because honestly, I don't see difference after the treatments.

    1. Hi Apple, I am lodging a complaint to both CASE & small claims tribunal. I hope if it's convenient, you are able to come forward too.

    2. Hi Fly My Sunshine, may i know if your complaint to both CASE and small claims tribunal are successful? I have a package with TBE spending more than $10K and would like to request for a refund as my body developed discomfort after treatments. Let me know please, thanks!

  7. I just went and they keep push me from $300 per session then to sell package 10 session for $2k to $1k 5 session and to $1.5k for 10 session again
    I keep say I'm a student like you but they don't seem to care and give attitude. Still trying to be nice and friendly.. In the end I pay $500 despoit and after I pay they trying to ask me pay $1k again for 20session. As I was super rushing to meet a friend after that and they know but keep insist to drag my timing which mentioned 2 hr session which become 4 hr.

  8. I visited TBE recently. I didn't wait long and I got a free detox massage. I wasn't pushed into signing up for a package but they tried very hard to get me to buy a treatment - TT Machine and a detox message, cost being at $780 after all the discounts. However, when it was clear that I wasn't going to pay that amount the price was miraculously dropped to $300 for both. I knew then that the actual cost couldn't be what is stated on their menu - $600 per treatment. I won't be going back because it's true that we can do the message ourselves with the right cream/tonic etc.

  9. I hope I read your post before I got tricked into getting the package. I was at a vulnerable situation when they kept pushing me to get the package. Naked on the bed when they are applying the mask on me. Is it possible to get a refund for this if I report it to case?

  10. I wish I had read the blog before I head down to Tokyo Bust EXPRESS! I shall not repeat what you have said.

    Just to add on, didn't they violate privacy and basic human rights by just stepping into the treatment room and having multiple consultants hard selling package while customer is lying naked in from of them ??

    When they asks customers to sign, there wasn't any time left for us to read whatever we signed and no copy was given to customer either ! Would that even be considered fair business without completing contract legally ?

    I would love to know the outcome from CASE or small tribute dispute claim. I will be willing to help in anyway.

    Please contact me at

  11. Gael

    I also want to know the outcome of the case.

    I, myself was a victim too.

    I want to get back every single cent from them.

    cannot let them fool more ladies.

    please let me know how to help.

  12. i bought the $20 groupon package with the sole intention of trying it out. i had no need or desire to enlarge or firm up my breasts (i'm 20 years old, slim built, 34C). they told me on the phone that they would examine my breasts and personalize a treatment for me based on the conditions of my breasts. I went to the outlet at Park Mall. The consultant (Yuki) seemed friendly and warm at first, then started telling me that i had lots of toxins in my breasts and that they were sagging and not close together enough to form a cleavage. She went on to "personalize" my treatment. Basically, she listed an array of treatments that she claimed i needed and tried to persuade me to purchase them (they were worth thousands of dollars!). Contrary to what was conveyed over the phone call, the personalized treatments were not part of the groupon package. I felt cheated. I explained to her that i was just a student, had no job and was living on $90 a week of pocket money from my parents. I told her straight that i couldn't afford it. She gave me a quizzical look and questioned why i couldn't afford it, AS IF IT WAS COMPLETELY NATURAL FOR A UNIVERSITY STUDENT TO SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON A TREATMENT AND THAT I HAD SOME SERIOUS PROBLEM COS I COULDNT FORK OUT THAT SUM. Throughout the treatment, she kept bugging me and hard selling the treatments. I was so annoyed and stressed and couldn't relax at all. The hard selling continued after the treatment until i told her i had to go and walked out forcefully. I went back a few more times thinking of fully making use of the groupon package and i was treated the same way each time. It was evident how Yuki's attitude towards me changed completely each time i said no. Today was the last straw. Yuki had always been the one attending to me, but today they got another therapist (Summer) to attend to me. Again, she seemed friendly and warm. But ultimately she was just the same as Yuki. She tried to sell me a detox massage at the rate of $300 for 15 minutes per session. again i told her straight that i couldn't afford it (in any case, that's daylight robbery, i mean come on la even a facial or massage at a reputable salon would cost at most $200 for an hour. you want me to pay $300 for 15 mins of massage? Nahhh) Summer was hard selling me throughout the treatment and claimed that MAJORITY OF STUDENTS MY AGE OR EVEN YOUNGER HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT PRICE (apparently that's their student price lol) and that only a few customers have problems paying that amount. After the treatment, Summer brought me into a room with a desk and chairs. Yuki joined Summer and both of them looked at each other and broke into laughter without saying any words. I knew they were laughing at me because after a while Summer placed a finger to her lips to tell her to stay silent, while giving me a side glance. This made me angry and uncomfortable, and i just walked off. This is customer service at its worst. It's utterly deplorable and disgusting. i've purchased other trials and discount packages from other companies before and NEVER have i encountered such terrible treatment. I'm never going back again.

  13. I'm feeling very worried now. Just signed a 8k package with them earlier today. Heart pain. And anybody managed to get refunds ?

    1. Hi I was also wondering the same thing, anybody can share about this?

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I am one of the victims today. Just came out of the Tokyo bust express Novena. Regretted buying cheap 10 sessions with $15 from Gcoupon. I paid for additional $70.70 as a deposit for the forced sales of 5 session bust enlargement. Will never go there again.

  16. I also same I recieve a call from Tokyo bust express say I got 3 time free treatment as I went there than there ask me to sign the package for 13 time treatment Say that my body need it cost about 800+ ok so I sign it Than on my 2 visit still ask me to sign another package that cost 1000+ I tell them i need to think for it but them still not give up still ask me to sign the package. On the coupon I see Tokyo bust express doing promotion 20 time treatment cost $25 the treatment also inclued tt and mask treatment the treatment is same with me but I have to pay 800+ for 13 time treatment


  17. Hi all,

    I regretted that I did not read this blog earlier before patronizing the shop.

    I got a phone call from Tokyo Bust Shirley who said that I won a 3- time complimentary voucher which I verified verbally that it is free for the entire treatment before heading down for a treatment the following week at Tokyo Bust Novena Square.

    Yet, when I went over at 7.30pm, they charged me another SGD 888 to complete the session with a 20 min massage without a transparent pricing listing, witholding my credit card throughout the treatment.

    It was too expensive for me and I was hesitant whether to continue the treatment. Yet, the consultants persistently persuaded me till 10.30 pm at a package of SGD 4592 for 10 session treatments when I was naked on a cream mask lying in the treatment room. They even asked me to signed that the package is on sale and hence non-refundable.

    People with personal experience knew that this is psychologically traumatizing that caused lots of distress.

    However, please read up the Contract Law, Lemon Law and the Customer Protection (Fair Trading) Act to see your case can be resolved. Refer to the unfair or misleading sales practices or cooling period if that applies.

    Hope it helps.

    Hong Yuen

  18. Hello all,

    how to get back my money? I spent 1K on 10 treatments, how do i get it back? go to case? I am only 19 turning 20.....

  19. Same here. I don't know why my airline work with them. Their consultants will try everything to make you spend in their store. And the message SUCKS! It hurts so much. I asked her to push softer she refused and says it's mine problem?! Excuse me ?! when you don't want to buy anything from them, they start to mock you saying why u want us to see your bust if you don't want to improve it. Try will say that you are no lady and you don't even protect your own privacy. In a way, they are saying you are a slut. :) They keep emphasizing you are not perfect and keep telling u that they are helping you. Really? Helping me by robbing my money? It takes me 2 hours consultation(avoiding to pay) and 30 min to the free treatment. I actually wanted to spend if they are professional. But it's clear that they are totally NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL. Girls, you should never go to Tokyo Bust Express. And also, they asked me to write a review for them to promote their internet reputation by offering me $380 package that worth $1380. Exo me? See how much they can really "rob" you. I won't give them any good comments. Not even one star!

  20. I am a victim as well. The lady said it was a $1288 package and suddenly dropped it to $344 for me but still wants me to buy more. I'm now very scared. Please contact me too!!

  21. Hello! I am a victim as well. I signed a 50 session package with them which costs approx $50k and I have already went for 20 sessions. But now they are asking me to sign another 15 sessions and throw in many free gifts (which I don't need) for another 10k. I do not earn so much money. But they refuse to take no for an answer. I spend too much money on it with too many outstanding balance to forgo the remaining sessions. Help!
    Please contact me at

  22. I am a victim too! Please contact me at

  23. Hi Ladies,

    So glad I found this bog. They kept telling me that I'm their first undatisfied customer. So nice to know I'm not alone. I feel really victimized and even the smell of this place makes me want to throw up and I am forced to come here to complete my 10 treatments even though I told them after the first treatment that I didn't want to continue and that I wanted my money back. Like an idiot, I paid another 500$ for a treatment that will guarantee results which obviously did nothing.

    I was determined to start a petition or to write a bad review on every page possible just to warn other girls so that they don't end up being conned. But I'm so glad you ladies have started this.

    If you ever do decide to go big with this , I will join you all the way. I am contactable at

    1. Hi, I am also willing to join in as I have experienced the exact same thing. Contact me at

    2. i am super traumetised by Tokyo Bust. They will not let me go unless i sign a package with them. They even commented that you can somehow squeeeze out some money to give them. i have written feedback to their company and they ignore me for a year. i notified them about my working hours and catered more than enough time for the treatment. They really held you in a room and forced you to sign more package before letting you go. i was stuck for more than 2 hours!! I have to remove things on me by myself in order to escape out. RIDICULOUS!! i would join in to sign any petition against their traumetising act on customers.

    3. Hi, I'm also a victim here. How to get my money back?

  24. i am also a traumatised lady. they will not let you go unless you sign package with them. i have written in but they ignore me for a year!

  25. I’m so angry with their hardselling... omg machiam daylight robbery. Not professional at all. A session is 1.5hour then they spent near to 1hour sitting beside me to hardsell all the while can’t even relax myself. I’m having my session right now and I can feel my blood pressure is increasing I have no where to vent until I saw the reviews here to have people agreeing with me in this blog. They are so fucking pushy.. can’t wait to finish the remaining sessions...

  26. omg i am also having my session right now, and reading these reviews makes me so angry. just spent 1.5h in the consultation room dealing with their hard selling and insulting of my body.

  27. speechless experiencing the same thing as you guys and am like wow.....this scam went on till 2018..

  28. I had the same experience at TBE too! I remembered I rejected their offer many times and their customer service towards me 365 degree changed and the staff is very impatient when I was having the treatment. And there was once after the massage enhancement, I actually got 5~6 bruises around my breast area and the staff said it's very normal. Not sure any of y'all encountered this as well...

    And there is another package they asked me to take but, I just keep refused. After awhile, I kinda brainwashed by them and only paid $100 as a deposite to secure the package since I don't have enough money. The staff said can pay by instalment that's why I agreed but, the next appointment they asked me to pay everything or else, the deposite will be forfeited. In that moment, I felt like being scam or was very disappointed that this is how they do business. I am a student and not working, i threw all my savings to get this kind of services. Any idea how to claim back my deposit???

  29. I just signed up for the complimentary bust treatment by TBE that I saw on FB....and I will never go back again.

    The woman who served me at NEX told me that my boobs were SAGGING (I am 23 lol) and she squeezed my breasts hard and said I feel pain because there's a lot of toxins inside. Toxins. Bi*** please. Her name was Miko I think?

    Then she kept hardselling me the treatments non-stop, dropping prices and even asking me to work as their MODEL (wth) and they'll drop the original price for 10 sessions of 9888 to 688. WTH?? I said I am a student, that wretch had the nerve to say "huh? you so old, still student?" HAVE YOU HEARD OF UNIVERSITY???? HOLY COW. tHEN I said I don't want and I have no money, and they KEEP ASKING ME TO TELL MY BOYFRIEND TO GIVE ME MONEY. They also kept chatting super loudly.

    what disturbed me the most was they made me walk out of the shop IN THE SKIMPY ROBE that they gave me... to go to the bottomslim shop. I WALKED IN PUBLIC in a robe that was opening at my chest. I felt so embarassed and upset.

    While I was lying down naked in the massage, she tried to hardsell me again. it was so disturbing.

    I'M GLAD I was strong enough to walk out of there without spending a single cent no matter how hard she tried. I know they were talking bad about me in chinese because they laughed loudly when I walked past them. I don't understand why this scam company is not boycotted yet????? They're really scammers and I feel so scarred from the embarassment. She even laughed at me and ask me whether my bf got complain about my breasts or not. I think we really need to do something about these people...

  30. Signed myself for a free trial session, was pushed to a consultation for an hour and sign package before I can even experience anything... They tried to scare me by saying how my breasts are uneven developed (one big one small) and how easy it is to become breast cancer what the?!

    I got emotional and agreed to sign 10 session package for $3888 but I was abit unsure so i said I don’t have money right then so they asked me to put a deposit. I placed $300 as a deposit, afterwards the payment went through I saw all the bad reviews and realised shit i’m in trouble...

    So i decided to be firm and asked them to refund me on the spot before my treatment even get started. I made a huge fuss saying I can bring this case to the authorities if they don’t refund me.

    Their faces changed and I insisted not signing the package despite them saying they are unable to process the refund. Suddenly my $300 deposit became a 4 sessions as promised by them to let me “try” and decide later.

    10 sessions $3888
    after arguing for a refund
    4 sessions $300????
    Somehow they asked me to sign 2 free trials so technically $300 is 2 paying sessions....

    I still don’t think the maths tally.

    So i finished 3 sessions so far and mindblown by their constant hardselling during the session but who cares I just close my eyes and pretend I am sleepy.

    I am so glad I argued and only lost this small $300 as compared to other victims.


  31. I received a phone call from Tokyo Bust saying i have signed up for a free gift doing a survey. When i heard it is from Tokyo Bust, i told the caller i am not interested and I was busy at work. She replied saying “ you signed up for the free gift but you’re not interested?” and i said “ya, i’m notninterest “ and she simply hung up my call! What a rude service staff that the company has and further spoil the company’s image! Completely idiotic

  32. I also went to tokyo bust express on 2 July. I had also experienced what was already said. It was a very bad experience as they kept hard selling you, and prolonging you at every stage of the treatment trying to convince you to buy something from them. My session was supposed to be 2 hours,in the end it became more than 4 hours. I was scammed into going to the shop by doing an online advertisement that stated that there is a chance to get free ntuc vouchers by doing a survey, and they started calling me to book an appointment for free services.

    They did make changes to their tactics now:

    First, when they advertise, they don't state their company name.

    Second, when they call you and you ask them where are they calling from, they purposely speak their name very fast and unclear so you couldn't know.

    Third, is if you keep insisting that you cannot pay, they start asking alot on your family and friends background and use all tactics to sweet talk the information out of you during the treatment. When you insist that me and everyone around me are poor and that I want to go back then they unwillingly let me change back my clothes.

    Forth, they will make you sign a form to rate their services before you go. After I changed my clothes and want to go, all of them stand in a line, blocking part of the door all the way to a room where they ask that I rate their services. With at least three of them in the room itself waiting for me to fill the form. I was pressured and worried that if I give any bad ratings, something bad might happen so in the end I was forced to give a minimum of fair rating and made to sign it.

  33. I am also a victim of TBE. I went to the Novena outlet last week supposedly just for the free trial but I end up signing a TT Push up Machine package ($344). Now I reflect, it’s funny how the price drops from $1288 (10 sessions), to $600+ (10 sessions), to $300+ (5 sessions) and lastly when I ended my free trial, the manager offered me $344 (11 sessions) when I’m back at the consultation room. She even say that “All I can give you is definite results, if there’s no result after 1 session, I give you back your $344”.

    I just came back from my first session of the TT push up machine today. I didn’t see any result. That aside, I feel so tensed and stressed during the treatment. My specialist told me a long story about how they found a new essence and of course her motive is to sell me the massage package.

    I had similar experience from all the victims above who mentioned about the therapists being pushy, different therapists coming in and out of the room to hard sell the package. I kept repeating that I’m a student, I’m only there to try it out and I have no such high budget. They told me to just use whatever I have in my bank to pay for the package and try to convince me by saying that I can always earn more money again. They also keep throwing compliments like I am skinny, I will look good with slightly bigger boobs, I am young so I will just need 10 sessions to see up a cup size. Just look at their attitude towards their customers, I am speechless to how pushy they can get, it’s ridiculous.

    So after my treatment today, I kept declining the massage package and a claimed expert therapist came in with no self intro, she immediately say “Heard that you don’t believe we can give you results, that’s why you not willing to buy our massage package, I will now show you the result.” She start massaging my left boob without any permission or at least a warning that it’ll hurt. It’s so painful I tear and even told her to do it lightly but she didn’t listen at all. She continued even when I was in so much pain.

    This clearly shows how rude the “expert” therapist is and their unprofessionalism. A mask was applied on me after that, the “expert” therapist and my specialist continued persuading me into signing their massage package with all sorts of stories. Telling me why I should invest on myself (they offered me $1.3k for 10 massage sessions with upgraded products) - no detailed product list or description at all, telling me how I should invest on myself so that guys will invest in me in the future (which I personally do not agree) whatever nonsense.

    It got me so frustrated. I am already traumatised from the painful massage experience, they kept on talking and didn’t even check on my mask until I mention that I’m in a rush and I’m late for my meeting.

    I just can’t wait to get out of the room. I have 10 more TT push up sessions to go. Should I finish those sessions? Omg biggest regret choosing TBE. Becareful ladies.

  34. Same experience, first ask me to get 10 sessions $3888 they promise will A to B+ so I agree with that, second visit different story ask for $6888 20 sessions only can complete the result, after 3 Managers talked to me I agree also, third visit say they invite me become their testimony model I’ll stand a chance to try out celebrity treatment which $9888 if I become their testimony will only cost $6888 I tell them I don’t have money after more than 20times reject them, the price drop to $3888 and promise me they will close my file if I agree with this won’t got anymore product or treatment will be sell to me, I think I’ll just give up my remaining sessions as I can’t take this kind of hard selling, I hope there’s no more victims again

  35. Hi,

    Unfortunately, I’ve only chanced upon this blog today. My experience was very similar to everyone else. After spending 26k, my breast has definitely increased in size, but it’s not justifiable in my opinion. Its not even one full size like they claimed.. it just got probably fuller than B- to B but not fully B. I still am wearing bras with padding till date. But like I told them, the amount that I have paid for is not justifiable for the increase. Then I was later promised by the manager that they will be able to help me achieve a FULL C cup which was handwritten on a piece of paper. But I'm left with 4 sessions and I doubt it will be achievable at this going rate. They kept finding ways to assure me that it will be doable "this time" and "this time" was 4 times ago when I said I really cannot afford to spend so much on this. I told them that I am currently trying very hard to save up for my wedding and house and I cannot afford to pay more and end up delaying my future plans. They were again very persistent and very insistent on it and would not take no for answer. So after all that rah-rah, I just succumb to it and signed up another $17,600 for another 15 sessions. They even promised me another 15 more sessions for free if I'm not able to achieve the results.

    After 2 hours of signing up for the new program, I could not get past my conscious. I feel so bad for spending so much of my hard earn savings which is supposed to be for my wedding and future house. I called them 2 hours later to ask for a refund and I told them that this time its really very hard for me. I would not be happy with a bigger boobs knowing that I'm spending the money I'm suppose to use for my wedding and house and end up delaying this event.

    The specialist initially said they are not able to do a refund and I've signed a non-refund form for the discounts. But which company cannot do a refund within 2 hours of purchase? I told the specialist that if it does not get through I'll bring it up to CASE and that I know that they have a lot of cases and bad reputation on this matter. But I don't wish for things to turn ugly, given that I still have 4 more treatments to go. So long story short she said she's only able to cancel my credit card transaction and return me my cash. But I have transferred $6000 to the company's account and paid $2000 via nets which is very difficult for her to do the refund for that since she is unable to void it. Right now, she is asking me to head over to the shop in 5 days to discuss over the remaining $8000 which I believe that I will be talked into using it for a few more sessions.

    I really want to get my money back and get over and done with this company. They are definitely dodgy with their pricing and offerings. Nothing is transparent. When the results are not delivered, they blame it on your personal habits, your body for not being able to absorb the product well. Honestly, $26,000 worth of breast treatment, IMHO should deliver results no matter what. If any of you have any past successful attempts to get back your full amount of money could you please help me out on this by letting me know how you do it? Hope you can let me know as soon as possible before I head down to the outlet itself for a negotiation. Many thanks in advance!

  36. I have never take up any of their services before but i find it rather odd that a company could call me up to 10-20 times over the past half year just to promote their service. They used to call me on monthly basis, then became weekly and eventually daily, which make me be like are you serious? You spam call me daily just to promote your service? Other company would have just strike off names in their system if customer refuse to pick up calls for 3 times, which was what i thought in the first place, but hell no, they call even more frequent, so desperate! Today still calling me. �� 63369641/63369642 thier number.

  37. I want to share my bad experiences I had with Tokyo Bust Express.

    I’ve gone through quite a few of their treatments up to the most expensive ones and spent nearly 6 figures Singapore dollars and ended up with zero result, I can never get back the time lost I hope none of you would have to endure the same. Do not enter their outlets, do not enter their treatment rooms, do not let them take picture of your bust, do not associate with them, trust me you will be happier spending your money elsewhere.

    Their treatments are not effective at all, I wish I have learned about this blog earlier which would have save me a very expensive lesson I hope there will be no future victims. And all those of you who feel victimized, please start requesting a copies of your contracts / receipts if you are like me I’m sure you don’t have it cause they never provide not even upon request.

    Just bring your grievances to CASE and you will most likely get partial refund in cash from TBE. There is still hope to get refund, do not let TBE win. Go to CASE. CASE will help you!


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