I feel so fuming every time after my visit, worst is they are causing stress to me by harassing me all the time before and during my visit which left me so traumatized! I can't take it anymore hence I decided to write this blog post with artefacts from other victims.

My Experience

First Visit
How I found out about Tokyo Bust is from an advertisement put up by SS(don't want to mention brand) saying that they are giving out free treatment just by answering a few question in their google docs "form" (how unprofessional) and usually to proceed for these treatment the customer must be above 21 but the minimum age for Tokyo Bust is 18 so without hesitating I filled the form up and also stated that I my preferred location is NEX Serangoon. Few hours later I receive a phone call from Tokyo Bust asking me to fix an appointment with them at City Square Mall outlet where I insisted on going to NEX Serangoon as it is nearer to my place however I ended up at City Square Mall with them offering me extra session that NEX don't provide (as if lor), brainwashing to me with many other things and saying that it is only few stops away from Serangoon by train (which sums up to about 45 minute from my home by train -.-).

When I reach there they let me wait at the sitting area offering me a cup of hot water, after around 20 minute I was bought into the consultant room to hear what the consultant has got to say. Instead of what I was told to be given from the advertisement and on the phone she offered me something else and said that it is personalize to suits me BUT I am not allow to proceed with the treatment yet, I was asked to sign a package despite saying that I only wanted to try out the free treatment. They ask me to ignore the price stated on the paper and they quote me a student price so I end up spending my last saving buying their 1 hour of talk by signing the treatment package which consist of 10 TT-Push Up (I think) just to get out of that place and finally proceed with my treatment. I really regretted paying for the package as those money are for my coming birthday fund, now I really know that nothing is free in this world!

During Visit
Because I only have TT-Push Up therefore they push to sell me their massage service which cost about few hundred dollar per treatment so that I can do both treatment together for better effect. Every time when they ask me to buy their massage service I will try my very best to reject their offer with whatever reason I can think of which they won't even care nor take it to heart, in less than 5 times I have visited for treatment I have already rejected them for more than a hundred times and they still wouldn't give up where they will end up turning back to shoot me with their "logic" on why I need this and that, then insult me saying that I am under developed and saying that recommending all these to me are for my own good. If this person failed asking me to buy then they will get someone else to talk me into buying. Whenever I say NO they will ask me why do I even bothering signing up for the package in the first place if I don't want, reason why is that they have talked so much during my first visit (1hr wasted on consultation) so the only way to escape is to buy their talking and sign the package. Whenever I say no to them their face and attitude will completely change when they are about to give up asking, sometimes I think that they really don't know what does "no" means and I walked out without fixing another appointment.

After Visit
They will always call me to fix an appointment with them, sometimes calling me once daily telling me "You very long never come already leh." (when I just visited like last week) I also said "I will call back to make an appointment with you when I am free, I won't be free until....(certain date)." but I don't think they did take note of it. Some times they will call me during lesson time which makes me sacrifice a few minute of lecture by picking up a unnecessary call from them -.- After numerous time I decided to save their number and decided not to pick up any phone call from that number but then they still use another number to call me. They also used tatic to lure me into making appointment such as offering my free this and that but I won't be so naive and be bought by their words anymore.

I actually thought of just finishing my remaining session without buying any massage but now I don't think I even want to continue anymore, because for every remaining session I have is like a chance for them to get me to sign another treatment package and to stress me out mentally and financially moreover I don't have any vision of seeing any outcome nor have any expectation from them therefore it is ok for my to ditch the package. They are so cold-hearted, they don't even want to understand the customer finance situation before asking them to purchase a package. HELLO I AM ONLY A STUDENT AND I DON'T COME FROM A WEALTHY FAMILY. Worst is I can't even have a peace of mind during the treatment, I should be in the room sleeping and relaxing not to listening to all those hardselling, they should really give a thought of others instead of achieve their sales target lah. They even tried persuading me to use my bank money when I said my bank has no money, worst still is they ask me to get money from friend and family to buy their package. Got so desperate a not? They also ask me not to spend my money on snack (I already told the therapist many times that I don't snack and it seems like she can't understand) but rather spend them on treatment is which more worth it, ya if I buy then it benefits them not me and since when did I start snacking? I hope they will understand that parents give me daily pocket money to complete my 3 meals but not to buy these package, even if I have remaining money I would also save it up for something else; they also ask me to request more pocket money from my parents so that I can have more to spend (what the?!). They think my parents open bank? Tell me why should I even continue when I see no improvement from there. "Oh no improvement? That's why you should spend more so that you will see the difference, don't waste your package!" Haha, wth?

To me the TT machine is only a machine that gave out electro pluse, nothing special. How about the massage? Ummm, anyone can do the massage themselve so why bother spending few hundreds or even thousands dollar when we can get the instruction from internet and manual from bust cream which is low/no cost. How about their other product they used which claim that the ingredients are from Japan and will provide enhancement, how credible is it? Did the therapist plant the ingredient themselves, have they been to the factory/farm to see for themselves? I doubt so. Who knows what they are using on you.

All I can say is that I suffer a lot after knowing them and regretted the first step I take (blame myself for being greedy and attracted by free stuffs), I should not have even gave in to them which cause me to be in debts with myself; shall just take this as a lesson bought.

What I think that Tokyo Bust staff must practice is to:
  • Respect customers decision
  • Provided quality service with no other intention
  • Don't do intensive hard selling

When I told them I don't wish to buy anything anymore, I am already satisfied with my own figure and don't see any need to increase my bust size where my main motive is only to get their free treatment then they insist that bigger boobs is more attractive. No I don't think so, here is some fact I found from the internet:
  • Poor men like big breasts while financially secure men prefer smaller breasts.
  • Hungry men desire big breasts while satiated men prefer a smaller chest.
  • Sexist men prefer large breasts

I don't want to meet any of these mens in my life, and here is the benefits of smaller breast:
  • Saggy make ones look old, larger breast sags over time.
  • Better posture, no back pain!
  • More bra options.

Below artefacts contains supports from other victims perspective, read and you will understand why I say don't patronize Tokyo Bust if you still don't get it.

Artefacts 1

These conversation are found on Hardwarezone forum in the topic of "are there any customers of tokyo bust express here?". Hardwarezone is not related to beauty therefore the rest of the reply to this forum topic is totally unrelated to the questions, you can see if you were to check out the webpage. However I cannot determine that if these posting is credible a not as I don't know who is the person that is writing the post and the writer only has 1 or 2 posts on Hardwarezone therefore they might be judged as a flamer that want to bring the company reputation down even though what they said might be true. 

Artefacts 2

What you have read above may be a more realistic artefactc as these comments are from a blog post that Blogger Tricia was sponsored by Tokyo Bust and it shows many disappointment from her reader base on their personal experience.

As a blogger myself I will feel happy upon receiving sponsorship invitation especially if that is what I would spend my money on or something worth to try, however I will do research on that company before accepting the invitation so I ought all blogger to find out the background of that company before taking up any sponsorship from them as by taking up the sponsorship it might cause readers to lose trust in them. To Publisher: Regardless of what the company is offering in exchange for an advertisement space, please do a background research on the company before advertising for them or it might tarnish your reputation.

Another thing I will worry about is the welfare, sometimes when the company know that a blogger is visiting them the company will usually try to present their very best to the blogger so that the blogger will write good things about the company from what they have experience during their visit and the blogger will of course write base on what they have experience not because of any vested interest or because it is sponsored. So when the blogger's said positive things about the company it will usually cause a bandwagon effect as the readers trust the blogger BUT then when it is their readers turn to visit things turned out different, they were treated differently from what they expect to happen. I am not saying that all blog reviews cannot be trusted, yes you can trust them but to a certain extend. However it is not the blogger fault so blogger's are not to be blamed but then be wise in deciding on which sponsorship to be taken up! The company itself should be blamed for being scheming.

Artefacts 3

The above artefacts is found in a blog with their purpose of:
  1. Let’s unite to make our voices known here to spread the word in good faith so others will be able to make an informed choice.
  2. Substantial majority of negative reviews may lead to unity in pursuing your case as soon as possible to relevant authorities.
I can totally relate to the blog owner, I have also thought of creating something like that but after much thoughts I think that it is useless. I have also thought of going to CASE to lodge a complaint about Tokyo Bust Express but I don't think they will take any action, furthermore I doubt the money I have spend is way more than what others have paid. Why did I say so? I always visit salon with minimal accessories, poorly dressed and not bringing any bank cards. Reason why is that all the promotions they have mention do not even exits, I have worked in these industry before and I know how these things work ok. By the way, the more expensive you are seen in their more money they think you will have therefore from there they will know how much to force out from you then only at the point when there is really no choice when you will have no money then they will quote you a so called "special/student price" where there is no such things because they call the shot, there are no transparency at all.


You may say that all the artefacts I have included are going against them and yes, that's my intention of writing this blog post. Not convince yet? Here are the others must read reviews:
Final word: Don't patronize Tokyo Bust, it will only bring you stress if you are not financial independent unless you are willing to pay hundred thousands for those treatment. Ohya, they don't even have an outlet in Tokyo, Japan. Embrace what you have, people with bigger boobs are having more problems than a person with smaller boobs.

Updated on 14 July 2016
To my realization, this blog post is still alive until today since my last publication on 10 December 2014 with a unique view of 6008 readers.

Recently I receive few worthy comments direct to my Facebook account which I think I should share:

Nope, I did not finish my treatment package. I also guess Tokyo Bust have already found out about this blog post therefore, they are trying make it seems like I am a satisfied customer.

Obviously this user "Jacqueline" just created an Blogger account to comment on my blog post. She is on Blogger since July 2016, and this comment came in on 12 July 2016 which I did not approve to be posted: 

Could she be someone from Tokyo Bust? Who would comment something like this? What is the purpose? Is she trying to prove us wrong?

Hi, Jacquelin. Perhaps if you have feedback on their promotion please direct the message to the company. Thank you.

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