Le Spa

I often have stiff shoulders and neck so massage once in awhile is a must because I need to loosen up! 

14 Gemmill Lane
Singapore 069253
Open 24 hour
(6 - 10am house keeping)
Contact: +65 6222 6803

I usually do my massage overseas as I do not have much time to spare when I am in Singapore due to my busy schedule however, Le Spa is open 24 hour and they currently have 2 outlet in Singapore therefore I can visit anytime I want but of course by making an appointment first to secure a slot.

Individual Room

Couple Room

My Review

Was attended by Le Spa friendly receptionist followed by "Jing Jing" the masseur upon arrival for Le Royal Baliness(body massage).
Ok I know this is weird but I feel more secure with the black disposable underwear they provide. If you often go for massage you will know that they will ask you to change into sarong, shorts or whatever bottom they provide and I don't really feel good changing into it as I am afraid that they are not sanitize properly; for me white disposable underwear is still ok but then it is still opaque (imagine if you have hairs below) so ya that's why I prefer the black ones.
So, for Le Royal Baliness it is started off with a foot bath which is a warm one that allows me to relax followed by rolling movement to further relax my muscle before proceeding to the oil massage. What I like is that they put on a head netting to cover my hair before the massage unlike most of the places that do not provided which cause my hair to become oily from the essential oils.
I also let the masseur know beforehand that I don't really like myself being oily after massage as it is uncomfortable so she prepared a hot towel to clean the essential oil off my body. P.S showering right after a massage is also not good for our body.
I fell asleep halfway during the massage as it was really comfortable especially when the masseur was massaging my head.
Overall impression is good and the masseur often check with me if the pressure is enough incase she used too much/less force.

Choose to ended my session with a glass of ginger tea as it has many health benefits. Of course I do feel lethargic and some soreness on me but that is normal, drink more water and have sufficient rest is all I need to heal.

One thing that did not satisfy me is their toilet amenities, other than that everything is good.
How I wish that they provide a dressing area with hair straightener so that I can get rid of my hair tie mark :/

By the way, it is only less than 5 minute walk from Telok Ayer MRT to Le Spa at Gemmiill Lame

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