Tips for Travelling Light

I will be going for a 4 day 3 night overseas trip next week with my boyfriend. No matter how long or how far I travel, one thing that will always come across my mind is WEIGHT problem. It is not that I am afraid that I will exceed the baggage limit or what, everyone has the money to pay for extra baggage weight allowance but the question is can you manage carrying your own belongings?  Especially if you are a girl like me who can't stand carrying heavy stuffs. Worst thing is when travelling solo because no one will be there to carry your stuffs for you. On today post I will be sharing my own personal tips on how to travel light.

Let's take a look at what I've got to bring.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to advertise here for any brand, I am just sharing what product I will be bringing along with me and why do I choose them.

Tips No.1

First thing first, carry a lightweight bag. The smaller the better as it will refrain us from bringing too much unnecessary stuffs.

Reason why I choose to bring my Nike duffle bag:
  1. It is made of lightweight material, nylon.
  2. Waterproof exterior that can help to protect my belongings
  3. Has a shoe compartment for me to store extra footwear and dirty sock
  4. Best thing is laptop compartment! But make sure your laptop is light.
  5. Lastly a sling strap, that may be unnecessary because I find that the lower I carry my bag the heavier it will get. Maybe it is just me.

Tips No.2

A girl is forever a girl, we cannot break our skincare routine! However, we can always minimize product usage, for me I bring only what I need. Anyway it is only just for a couples of day right? Normal skincare regime can be resume when we get back home therefore, bring lesser, travel size or product that is going to finish/expire. So during travelling I will ditch all my Albion, Bio-Essence, Hada Labo and Vichy regime and go for anything small unless I am travelling for weeks lah, you don't say.

So this will be the lucky seven product that will be travelling with me for this time round and all is sufficient. Reason why:
  • Cleanser - The Nivea Extra White Pore Minimiser Mud Foam can help to remove make up and cleanse at the same time, save time and space. (Optional: Bring make-up wipe if you want to double cleanse.)
  • Toner - Given this White Formula Super Moist Light Toner with Hyaluronic Acid in a sample size from by sister. Almost similar from Hada Labo toner that I am using daily furthermore it is in a smaller tube so why not.
  • Fix - I have been using Hiruscar for about 4 years and this is a must-have product I can really say. Why I labelled this as "Fix" is because this product does miracle, it heal almost all my acne and body scar completely. Without this I don't know how will my skin become so this is a must bring even if I do not have a sample size because this product fix me up.
  • Day Moisturizer + BB - I have the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in retail size however I don't use it often as the coverage is not enough for me but still they have their own plus point which is moisturizer, spf and coverage at the same time so it means lesser weight = lesser product = lesser application = more time.
  • Night Moisturizer - Giving Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX a try cause I have never try it before, forgotten where I've gotten this sample pack from. It is a sleeping mask the gives intensive hydration during sleep. I can share this with my boyfriend, by the end of our 4 days trip it will be used finish.
  • Neck - My FIRM-365™ Facial Firming Serum in retail size is finishing soon so I decided to bring it for my trip to use it up and not planning to bring it back anymore.
  • Sun Protection - Skin Whitening from Avalon is actually a supplement that promotes skin whitening and hydration at the same time, in that case I do not have to worry about going under the sun. Because bring a sunscreen lotion and applying it is such a fuss. Finish a sachet and throw away the packaging, don't even need to take it with water simple as that.

 Here are the rest of my toiletries:
Sample pack will do the trick, finish and then throw, don't need to bring them back = load lighten = more shopping. If you notice I did not bring body wash, reason why is because most hotel provide them and I am not particular about the brand/type for body wash so I can simply do with anything. Ohya, I decided to throw my toothbrush as well because I have been using them for quite sometime already and it is a hygiene to change into a new toothbrush once in awhile. I also don't bring a towel at all because the hotel is going to provide one.

Bringing sample size product is actually not a bad idea as you can get to try out many other brands apart from what you are using daily. I got most of my sample product for free from SampleStore.Who knows that there will be something better in the market waiting for us to try out. Another tip is to share product with your partner if you don't mind using the same product so that the weight will be distributed.

Mostly importantly is DON'T FORGET to bring the essential must-need items.

Tips no.3

Wear appropriate shoe that will suits all the activities that you have plan so that you won't need extra shoes which gives you additional weight.

I will be wearing Heidi Klum for NB as the main attractions I will be visiting is theme park and cave hence I must be in comfortable footwear, at the same time I want to stay trendy as well.

Tips no.4

I will also bring laundry powder if I will be travelling for long so that I can wash and re-wear my clothing's or even new buys. Wear everything bulky and carry heavy outerwear during transit so that my bag will be lighter, I will need it anyway.

Tips no.5

Bring a separate bag that is small and convenient enough to carry around to store valuable items such as cash, passport, camera, etc.

Gregory is great for travel therefore I choose to bring this to store my valuables and daily essentials furthermore,it matches my shoe.

If you have anymore tips to share feel free to comment below :)