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Campus Game Fest 2013 (Photography Competition)

Ever wanted a Canon Powershot N?  Win cash and other prizes just by playing your favourite games?  Campus Game Fest will be the best annual event for gamers to visit!  Now here's your chance to win what you deserve, all you have to do is to head down to ITE College Central with your friend and join in the fun at GameFest 2013. There will also be a LAN Party aka gaming marathon for 3D2N, gather your friend and enjoy gaming on a fast lag-free network while enjoying a social atmosphere with gamers who you may have only previously spoken to online and meet new friends with common interest. All entry are to be submitted to  by 6 October 2013 5:00PM About CGF Campus Game Fest (CGF) is a series of activities that culminate with the latest, biggest and coolest internet event for the youth in Singapore, where innovation, creativity and digital entertainment are brought together. Focusing on the 100,000 youths from Institute of Higher Learning  and g

Retail Directory @ ITE CC

I have receive a number of traffic coming to my blog from search engine that has the keyword "food in ITE College Central AMK". In this post you would know what store is located in ITE CC and the perks of being an ITE student/staff, what's best is they are open to public. Image credit: Level 1 - Block A Eatzi Gourmet (#01-01/02/03/04) An oulet by JP Pepperdine that serve pasta, steaks, asian dishes and a range of dessert, their menu is somehow like Jackplace. Students get 10% off ITE Epitome Florist in partnership Far East Flora Optical shop in partnership with Hoya Hair and Nails in partnership with Jean Yip Creations retail shop in partnership with Ripples Cafe by ITE students Computer and Xbox gaming by students Discount for students are to be check with the individual store. Koufu There are a total of 16 stalls in the Koufu as listed below: Beverage, Dim Sum, Fruits and Dessert  Nasi Padang and Malay Cuisine

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS!

Bags and Footwear are my best friend, or perhaps every girls/women best friend? But then I always have a hard time buying running shoe or normal shoe to sandals or even heels! Because my feet is only Size 4  :( if you have the same size of feet as me then you are in luck to be reading this post. Last year when I was searching for a pair of running shoe, I saw this page on one of Cleo body magazine and then... The pair of black with pink Skechers caught my eye so I went to take a look at their website to find out more about Skechers and I learn that they have size number 35 shoe and I am really happy about it because most of the brand I check with only have around size 37 as a minimum for their running shoe, this was also my first time hearing about Skechers. Without hesitation I head down to their concept store and purchase my first pair of Skechers as their cutting is small so I could fit into it. Skechers is quite well-known just that I did not heard of it before, whenever I

Sentosa Spooktacular 2013

If you know I am a fan of GTH I have watched almost all their horror movie. So far, Shutter left me the deepest impression. Why? Because Shutter reflects about a life of a young couple and the male lead is a photographer which photography is one of my hobby. This year Sentosa teams up with renowned Thai cinema production studios, GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd. (GTH) My favourite cinema production studio! Bringing you FIVE elaborately themed, haunted trails inspired by GTH’s most horrifying movies: Coming Soon Shutter Dorm Pee Mak  Body These Thai ghosts have emerged from international horror to tour Singapore before they begin their spooking-work at movie-inspired trails of Sentosa’s upcoming signature Halloween event. They decided that the best way to get friendly with Singaporeans was to give out free Big Gulp drinks at selected 7-Eleven stores, and invite members of the public to take photos with them to share on Facebook pages. The five Thai supernaturals were in Si

Batam Tour

Another trip to Batam last weekend! It was my mum and her friend virgin trip there, we bought a tour package from  at an affordable price. Actually getting a deal to Batam is cheaper than going there by your own, unless you know where you want to go and don't wish to waste your time with the tour. We board on Sindo Ferry to Batam After taking so many time of ferry this was the first time I need to use the wash room during my ride, the waves made the ferry so shaky that scare the shit out of me! Was trying to sleep during my ride there and there came the scorching sun . . So I did this . . .  Upon arrival we were the first to board the tour bus thanks to my kiasu-ness and we have gotten a good seat. Due to the recent Indonesia crisis it affected the currency rate by a lot, last month when I change my currency at Little India the exchange rate was $1 = 7,000 Rupiah The week before I went to Batam I had my currency change