Campus Game Fest 2013 (Photography Competition)

Monday, September 30, 2013
Ever wanted a Canon Powershot N?  Win cash and other prizes just by playing your favourite games? Campus Game Fest will be the best annual event for gamers to visit! Now here's your chance to win what you deserve, all you have to do is to head down to ITE College Central with your friend and join in the fun at GameFest 2013. There will also be a LAN Party aka gaming marathon for 3D2N, gather your friend and enjoy gaming on a fast lag-free network while enjoying a social atmosphere with gamers who you may have only previously spoken to online and meet new friends with common interest.
All entry are to be submitted to by 6 October 2013 5:00PM

About CGF
Campus Game Fest (CGF) is a series of activities that culminate with the latest, biggest and coolest internet event for the youth in Singapore, where innovation, creativity and digital entertainment are brought together. Focusing on the 100,000 youths from Institute of Higher Learning  and general public in Singapore, the festival is filled with digital lifestyle activities in the area of Gaming, Animation & Comics that the youth enjoy. The festival will take place at the newest state of the art ITE College Central Campus @ Ang Mo Kio from 4th to 6th Oct 2013.
I will also be taking part in the Cosplay Photography & Videography Category which is ONLY open to ITE Photography Club members only and I will be shooting cosplayer from the Cosplay Competition together with my partner.
Entry is FREE

To all gamers: Compete in Avatar Star, DOTA 2, CS:GO or Candy Crush Saga and stand to win cash prizes and more. 1 Lenovo IdeaTab A3000 Tablet will be given out DAILY for all attendees of Campus Game Fest, wait no longer and pre-register today!
For more information please visit
Read on how to get there


Retail Directory @ ITE CC

I have receive a number of traffic coming to my blog from search engine that has the keyword "food in ITE College Central AMK". In this post you would know what store is located in ITE CC and the perks of being an ITE student/staff, what's best is they are open to public.

Level 1 - Block A

Eatzi Gourmet (#01-01/02/03/04)

An oulet by JP Pepperdine that serve pasta, steaks, asian dishes and a range of dessert, their menu is somehow like Jackplace.
Students get 10% off

ITE Epitome

Florist in partnership Far East Flora
Optical shop in partnership with Hoya
Hair and Nails in partnership with Jean Yip
Creations retail shop in partnership with Ripples
Cafe by ITE students
Computer and Xbox gaming by students

Discount for students are to be check with the individual store.


There are a total of 16 stalls in the Koufu as listed below:

  1. Beverage, Dim Sum, Fruits and Dessert 
  2. Nasi Padang and Malay Cuisine
  3. Chicken Rice (Halal)
  4. Western Food
  5. Italian Cusine
  6. Econ Noodle
  7. Hainanese Cuisine
  8. Indian Food
  9. Yong Tau Foo
  10. Nasi Lemak
  11. Japanese Cuisine
  12. Lau Huo Tang
  13. Fish Soup
  14. Roasted Delight
  15. Bak Chok Mee
  16. Thai Cuisine

Food will be charge in public or student price
Operating Hours: Weekdays from 7am - 9pm


Unlike your neighborhood regular Watson, in ITE CC students are able to get 10% off regular price item.


ITE Student and Staff Enjoy 10% Discount on all 3rd party accessories and other education benefits.

First Culinary Restaurant (#01-09)

A Chinese restaurant by Di Yi F&B Pte Ltd, student lunch set meal available at $5++ inclusive of selected main dish and soup of the day. Non-halal

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday
10.30am-3pm (Lunch)
5.30pm-10pm (Dinner)

POSB (#01-10)

A branch, 2 withdraw machine and 2 note deposit machine available.
AXS located beside the deposit machine.

Branch Operating Hours : 
8.30am - 4.30pm (Monday to Friday)
8.30am- 1.00pm (Saturday)

Popular Bookstore (#01-11)

Students get 10% off

Operating Hours:
9am - 8pm (Monday to Friday)
10am - 4pm (Saturday)

NTUC Fairprice (#01-12)

ITE students and senior citizens get 2% off total bill
Operating Hours: Daily 8am - 10pm


Declaration: Information here are to my knowledge and may not be true.

Oh, My Favourite SKECHERS!

Friday, September 27, 2013
Bags and Footwear are my best friend, or perhaps every girls/women best friend? But then I always have a hard time buying running shoe or normal shoe to sandals or even heels! Because my feet is only Size 4  :( if you have the same size of feet as me then you are in luck to be reading this post.

Last year when I was searching for a pair of running shoe, I saw this page on one of Cleo body magazine and then... The pair of black with pink Skechers caught my eye so I went to take a look at their website to find out more about Skechers and I learn that they have size number 35 shoe and I am really happy about it because most of the brand I check with only have around size 37 as a minimum for their running shoe, this was also my first time hearing about Skechers.
Without hesitation I head down to their concept store and purchase my first pair of Skechers as their cutting is small so I could fit into it. Skechers is quite well-known just that I did not heard of it before, whenever I wear my skechers out many of my peers will ask me "Is this Skechers?" or even say that they wanted a pair of Skechers. And I actually receive quite a lot of compliment from it.

Yesterday I am wearing something very basic and I was at ION so I pop by Skechers concept store at ION to try out some of their design. Quite sad that I didn't bring my camera out and I can't take good quality shot.

Not only running shoe, Skechers also carry many different range of shoe.

Here are example of few:
Look how versatile their design are, I could pair every skechers with what I am wearing. Shoe I have tried are either size 6 or 7, good thing is I am able to fit into it when I am having a Size 4 feet.

With Skechers footwear not only you can look fashionable you will get the comfort too. 

My favourite Skechers is SKCH +3 and Wild One!

SKCH+3 is a high top shoe with hidden wedges insole and I love it because by wearing that it will add-on extra boost of height for me which makes me look taller.

Wild one look as good as your feet will love it. It is really easy to slip into and comfortable to walk with, very good for days when you want to skip tying shoelaces and not a problem to walk all days with. FYI I am wearing Size 7 for Wild One and it did not drop out.

A mini look-book of how I will pair with my Skechers for different look:

Skechers carry Sizes from US5/6 to US10

Below are the available colours/design they have:
Daddy'$ Money - Gimme 2 (SKU 39177)
 What I like about Gimme2: Hidden wedges

Bobs (SKU 7739556)
What I like about Bob: Easy to slip into
For every pair of BOBS that you buy, SKECHERS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

Wild One (SKU 22382)
 What I like about Wild one: Easy to slip into and Comfortable, one of my favourite!

Lighten Up (SKU 22268)
What I like about Lighten Up: Light, this shoe is really light!

Relaxed Fit Slipper (SKU 38864)
What I like about Relaxed Fit Slippers: Mold memory foam heel and light weight

If you are looking for running shoe I recommend you Skechers GOrun 2, it was the first shoe I picked up yesterday when I step into the store. One thing is the colours caught my eye, another thing is I felt amaze by the weight when I picked it up.

Searching for footwear will not be difficult for me anymore, I can't wait to get my new pair of Skechers! Not forgetting to mention ION was the outlet where I got my first Skechers at and the staffs there are very friendly.
If you love Skechers like how I do visit their concept store and get your pair now!

Last but not least, check out the video below on how Rachell Pxdkitty and Typicalben DIY their Skechers footwear!

SKECHERS Concept Stores:
Tampines 1 #03-02 Tel: 6260 2190
Jurong Point #01-16J Tel: 6795 7478
ION Orchard #B2-14 Tel: 6884 6567
Queensway #01-14 Tel: 6475 2515
Compass Point #01-21/22 Tel:  6388 7375
Nex Serangoon #01-32 Tel: 6634 4351
Parkway Parade #02-40/41 Tel: 6346 2556
Causeway Point #01-30 Tel: 6893 3901
The Clementi Mall #04-41/42 Tel: 6659 1822
Changi City Point #02-42 Tel: 6636 1078
VivoCity #02-13/14 Tel: 6270 4211
Raffles City #03-06/07 Tel: 6338 3356
Jem #03-35 Tel: 6734 9678

Opening Soon:
Bedok Mall and Bugis Junction (In November)

Sentosa Spooktacular 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If you know I am a fan of GTH I have watched almost all their horror movie. So far, Shutter left me the deepest impression. Why? Because Shutter reflects about a life of a young couple and the male lead is a photographer which photography is one of my hobby.

This year Sentosa teams up with renowned Thai cinema production studios, GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd. (GTH) My favourite cinema production studio! Bringing you FIVE elaborately themed, haunted trails inspired by GTH’s most horrifying movies:
  • Coming Soon
  • Shutter
  • Dorm
  • Pee Mak 
  • Body
These Thai ghosts have emerged from international horror to tour Singapore before they begin their spooking-work at movie-inspired trails of Sentosa’s upcoming signature Halloween event.

They decided that the best way to get friendly with Singaporeans was to give out free Big Gulp drinks at selected 7-Eleven stores, and invite members of the public to take photos with them to share on Facebook pages. The five Thai supernaturals were in Singapore at 18 September 2013 to prepare for Sentosa’s annual signature Halloween event, Sentosa Spooktacular, and get to know their audiences at the same time.

Blood-drained and shocking to many on the streets, the Thai ghosts gave out free Big Gulp drinks at 7-Eleven stores in Vivo City and Clementi Mall for any brave Singaporean soul who poses for a photo with them and share it on their social media platforms. Passers-by were shocked to see these supernatural beings manifest before their eyes while others broke into peals of laughter in their ghostly presence.  Many onlookers immediately whipped out their camera phones and started snapping pictures of these ghouls while the plucky ones gamely posed for a picture with them.

Fret not if you miss the chance for the photo taking, this October you can get close to them at Sentosa. Be prepared to have your worst nightmares come to life. Brace yourself for blood-curdling screams, true authenticity and a cloud of spookiness when you spend a night at Sentosa Spooktacular 2013, Asia’s Scariest Fun!

Batam Tour

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another trip to Batam last weekend! It was my mum and her friend virgin trip there, we bought a tour package from at an affordable price. Actually getting a deal to Batam is cheaper than going there by your own, unless you know where you want to go and don't wish to waste your time with the tour.

We board on Sindo Ferry to Batam

After taking so many time of ferry this was the first time I need to use the wash room during my ride, the waves made the ferry so shaky that scare the shit out of me!

Was trying to sleep during my ride there and there came the scorching sun
So I did this

Upon arrival we were the first to board the tour bus thanks to my kiasu-ness and we have gotten a good seat.

Due to the recent Indonesia crisis it affected the currency rate by a lot, last month when I change my currency at Little India the exchange rate was $1 = 7,000 Rupiah
The week before I went to Batam I had my currency changed at Little India again and the rate was $1 = 8,600 Rupiah
The day before I went there was $1 = 8,900 Rupiah
The day when I reach there was $1 = 9,000 Rupiah

Do you see the drastic change here? 

Anyway, during 2014 Indonesia will have a change of  president so it means that they will have a change of currency. If you have any rupee on hand your better spend them now else it will really become a note with no value.

City Tour

From here you can have a idea of where will the tour guide bring you when you are at Batam.

Ralph Lauren

This is the outlet where you can find all the Ralph Lauren product that is manufacture in Batam, they do not need to pay any rental, they are also not a franchiser therefore the item they sell here is cheaper than what you will see outside. Worth to buy your Ralph Lauren here especially when their currency is small now.

Apparel are Authentic
Bag are NOT

FYI: One polo cost around 599,000 Rupiah so do remember to enough cash to buy what you want to buy

 Souvenir Shop

This Souvenir Shop is what you will pass by after you visited Ralph Lauren, so far I see nothing interesting here. Maybe some of you might be interested in their fake high end brand scarf?

 Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory carry many different brand of chocolate, they have their very delicious local chocolate in tiramisu flavour as well.

Dry Market

At the Dry Market you can find many local dry snacks, teas and product.

The amount of body scrub we bought to try out, there is actually more haha.
From my verdict it is not worth to buy thing here, scrub can be found at their supermarket at almost 50% cheaper.
Chewing gum can be found cheaper at Golden Prawn Dry Market.

Golden Prawn

Here we are at Golden Prawn, it is a well known place to have seafood at, this is my 3rd time here.
It is advice that you come here your own because you can pick your own seafood and tell them the cooking way you want it done.

With tour they have a fixed menu for you that you need to share among 10 people, they food they will serve you is: Fishball Soup, Vegetable, Fried Sotong, Gong Gong, Prawn, Chilli Crab and Thai-style Fish

They serve bird nest as well, they have it in three different flavour which are Logan, Red Date and Ginseng
Bird nest here is cheap but the bird nest they use is low-graded bird nest which is the excess part of the regular nest the use to sell.

Kueh Lapis

Here we have a Kueh Lapis shop hidden somewhere around Golden Prawn.

Different tour group work with different Kueh Lapis maker, they have more flavour here compared to the one I visited last month with another tour.

Their kueh lapis is all freshly handmade when you place your order.

Dry Market

Most handmade wooden stuff can be found here, bought something here for my dad thou.

 Little Kampung

 Took a stroll along this mini-park, we need to cross this path to reach our next destination. From here you can find many miniature houses that makes you feel like a giant.

 Golden Factory Outlet

This is an outlet that sell apparel at wholesale price.

They carry many brand such as: Hollister, Super Dry, A&F and Ralph Lauren.
All I can say is their Ralph Lauren is confirm authentic, not sure about the rest of the brand and I wouldn't dare to buy any except for Ralph Lauren.


2nd time here yet I did not try their Go-Kart, maybe next time

Sawadika Massage

It was my 2nd time here, previously I tired their foot reflexology. This time I did full body massage which cost around $20 with green tea aroma oil. For Sawadika I prefer their foot reflexology than their full body massage, the staff here chat more than they work.
For luxury, service and skill wise I still prefer the place where I been to at my first visit to Batam and it only cost 220,000 Rupiah

Chinese Temple

We were bought to a Chinese Temple to give offering

Theses are the statue found outside the temple:

They have some street stall nearby the temple too, they sell many local food that I think you guys should give it a try.

1st Factory Outlet

1st Factory Outlet is another factory outlet that is similar to Golden Factory outlet

Nagoya One Hotel

Myth busted! Have been doing research about how our hotel will look like in the interior but couldn't be convince by looking at the pictures, so afraid that our room would turn out bad!
This is the place that we will be spending out night at. The procedure to allocate us to our room is very SLOW. Still prefer the hotel I stayed at previously judging by the interior, service, breakfast and location.

This is me and my sister hotel room, overall still not bad just that the side we stayed at had a "fake window" why I said that? Is because when you open up the window all you see is a piece of wall.

Breakfast choices are limited, staff does not understand English.

Batam City Square

This is my favourite mall that I will shop here every time I visit Batam. They have everything cheap here, you can even find the brand Lioele here. Our tour had given us 40 minute to shop here but that is not enough! After checking in the hotel we took a cab back here to continue our shopping.

Reach here around 7pm and we had our dinner at the Kitty Cafe, I love their cute seat

We ordered Avocado juices, and my sister had milk tea which doesn't really taste good. You can find avocado almost everywhere at Batam.

Chicken Corden Bleu, I love this dish very much. They have ham and cheese wrapped with chicken, that's what a corden bleu dish usually have, corden bleu doesn't stand for liquor in a food menu but a liquor in drinks menu.

The reason I visited this cafe is because of their cute interior, no other reason :P hahaha

Later my sister and I did gelish manicure at M.Lee at an VERY affordable price!

Mine for 300,000 Rupiah

Sister's for 250,000 Rupiah

I love the rose the manicurist drew on my nail but the waiting time to do our nail is too long, only do if you can wait.

After doing our nail we had less than 30 minute before all the stores are close so we swept the mall and get as much clothings as we can, so far I only bought 4 tops from Batam City Square.

Tip for this trip:
  • Know how much you want to spend on and bring enough cash.
  • Have a full meal in the morning because the lunch they provided will not be enough for you to last till dinner.
Lastly a small information to all my readers:
Do you know that the most popular 2nd hand item that people in Batam would purchase to re-use are, Pillow, Toothbrush and Underwear?

Have you read my other post about my stay in Batam?
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