Breach of Agreement

My problem have been solve now, defendant and family was honest enough to return me the money. When the defendant was remorseful for what he had done we all should forgive him because he still has a heart and should be given another chance. But still we should not judge people for who they are.

From this incident I really have learnt a lot, especially the knownledge that was pass down to me by strangers. For those who saw me and the defendant phone number, defendant home address please do not harasses us as we should put this issues behind us, thank you.

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Feedback receive that I think are worth sharing:

Do you still have the imei?? use this link so he won't be able to sell his phone. Post the imei on forums too

Report about your imei number to police and IDA, go to SCT to file a case too. Can visit any LEGAL debt collection company to file a case too. At SCT the lady there will have a appointment for you and that guy.
Example today you file the thingy to SCT, the lady will give you a letter that says 28/10/2013, you and that guy must come to SCT and sit down together with a 'government person' to solve the issue. There is a admin fee to pay, less than 50 I believe. You and that guy will receive a official court letter via mail box. To ask your to attend the court thingy. How long is takes depend how early you go. The longer you drag the longer they schedule you.

Frequently asked question:

Q: How u get cheat?
A: Read

Q: Did u report this case to the authorities?
A: Made a police report already but they can't do anything about it.

Q: You met him before? you sure that's his real identification card?
A:  I meet up with him to pass him the product, I took the photo of his identification card myself.

Q: O.O that is near my blk... u sure the ic match his looks n all?
A: I am sure the IC match his looks as I took the photo of his IC by myself.

Q: Serene u have the bank transaction receipt? If have than he confirmed die
A: Unfortunately he did not transfer anything to me.

Q: The venue that he did this transaction with you. there cctv
A: As stated in my blog post "During meet up he was standing at a spot where is not visible to the camera..."

Q: But maybe you could go to his address on the ic and get the phone back ?
A: It is not advise to do so by the police as it is dangerous and argument may be brought up, however we have already done our own scouting.

Comment receive:

U too trustful la. shld not give him take hm. next time just be more careful ba. Best case use agreement form plus tumb print. the person cfm wont run. LOL!

Next time watch out !! Dont trust them so easily glad you make a report  I report my friend who scam me 400+ too also same thing , Breach of Agreement. She claim she dunno me like wth. Oh yeah, do report this to carousell they will block the person!!

You should not give him the phone till he pay you the full amt.. if not he won't keep negotiating with you the price with so many stories.

Luckily this lesson only costs you a few hundred bucks. Like what you wrote at the end " keep serene and carry on"...

Report police!

Damn fktup sia ._.

Wah next time should be careful

Don't deal on other platforms except ebay. I deal with ebay as a customer for many times no problem I get my products. In camp, no pink IC one. He use this new kind of tactic to cheat people. You should have sell it on ebay then won't meet this kind of customers. I also believe in karma he will get back what he did to others, is just a matter of time. Sooner or later.

Just file a police report.

This kind of case, police bo chup de

Breach of agreement means no black and white paper to sign or proof. And also he didnt point a gun at your forehead. Unless he rob you use knife is different thing. Always rmb when selling goods. No money no talk, this is not a market to ask for discount. Police wont do anything. Unless got another victim report him again then they take action. You should have take his ic lor, he no reply right use ic borrow money from ah long. Ah long find him and nt find you. Plus pink ic dam impt in singapore. Can say im being an asshole. But to him only.

Either u report lost if ur hp or report it as a scam

Be careful next time...

Dicks like him ruin mutual trust between strangers.