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I've won the Skechers Blogging Contest

Skechers had open a new concept store at Bugis Junction, it was at the space which was previously occupied by BHG and because my blog post has made it to the TOP 5 entries from the Skechers blogging contest I am invited to attend their store opening as well as to receive a pair of Skechers footwear worth up to $169.

SKCH +3 was the pair of Skechers I have chosen partly is because I have never own a wedges sneakers but then I am so fickle minded, I like both colours and I can't decide on which one to receive. I feel so bad that I can't make up my mind.

Chevy accompanied me to the event as well, me the shorty really need some SKCH +3 for some height boosting 

Not forgetting my boyfriend whom helps me to take pictures when I am unable to.

Check out Typicalben in Skechers LIV and Rachell Pxdkitty in Skechers SKCH +3

While waiting to be presented to my chosen Skechers 

So happy to receive a pair of Skechers for free. You can own one for free too!

Here's a picture of me with the rest of the winner.

A short interview on why I choose this model and design.

Like what I said I am not very tall, with SKCH +3 I can have that extra boost of height secretly without many people knowing hehehe and actually blue and red is one of my lucky colour said by the fortune teller. Other than the looks of it every Skechers is design for comfort.

On the opening day itself there's also a 30% discount so I purchase a pair of Skechers Active, even without the promotion I also will purchase one because I really like this pair.

With Skechers Active it will make my life really better. This pair of shoe is so casual and easy to slip onto, it is also light weight and flexible. This is my idea shoe for driving, photo hunting, cycling and which ever activity that requires me to move around often. With the white edges this pair of sneakers is also suitable for mild hiking as it would gives you that extra grip.

Other than the funky appearance that made of soft smooth fabric what I like about this pair of sneaker is the insole, it is not made of cotton means that it will not absorb your sweat and your foot wouldn't become stinky after long wearing. This pair of sneakers also require no tying of shoe laces which will save a lot of time.

Skechers SRR is my pair of first skechers that I have owned, it has served me well for that past 1 year plus as a running shoe. I have wore it from land, to water and mud and it is still good to go. This pair of intelligent shoe actually had some secret in it which I just found out today. If used properly it can actually helps burn up to 13.2% more calories, it's technology also helps reduce injuries and enhances performance. Sadly SRR couldn't be found in stores anymore. 

I personally had my eye on the Skechers GoRun, when I first held it I feel like love in first sight. What amaze me was the weight, it was super duper light that you will feel like you are running barefoot, one thing is I did not bought it as it cost $159 but is ok cause I still have my Skechers SRR.

Here is a sneak preview of what is coming up, the Skechers Nite Owl. This is series of Go Run is going to be my next target for running shoe hehehe. In this pair of running shoe Skechers used photoluminescent technology that will make this shoe glows in the dark, with this I don't need to worry when I am out at night cause I am sure that the glow gives out by this shoe would definitely grab your attention.

Here are some of the Go Run for Womens.

Fret not if you missed out the 30% discount cause there's more.

Do drop by Bugis Junction Concept Store and enjoy their opening deals, at the same time you could also take pictures of your favourite pair of Skechers to blog about it and stand a chance to win a pair of Skechers footwear.

It was a wonder that Skechers could develope shoe that is comfortable and beneficial while retaining the appearance. Many girls would suffer pain and discomfort for looks but with Skechers they can achieve the looks and comfort, I love how great it can be.


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