Be my KOOL buddies

Are you a Shop-a-holic? Jobless? Facing Economic downturn, crisis and low employment? Need Survival? OR Have too much handbags, dresses, equipment or skills to spare? How about renting them out to people who are in need of those item for temporary OR converting the time you have spend on your mobile into benefits? You can even reward yourself by watching commercial!

Watch the video to find out more:

Now you can market yourself, enjoy what you are "working" for, earn reputation and extra income during your free time

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Not forgetting to say, there will be 1 brand new iPad mini and 100 sets of voucher to be given away weekly!

ShareKool is an IT platform (base on a Peer-to-peer model) developed, built and maintained by Egalite Marketing Pte Ltd where individuals transact directly with other individuals on a two-sided market place that combines social and economic systems. The function of this marketplace enables shared access to merchandise, informations, services and personal skills into one unique ecosystem.

Some amazing features in ShareKool:

Sh@reME -  Great for employee and employment seeker, Sh@reME provide or take up any specialize skills, services, task or jobs.

Sh@reUse - By Renting out or co-share your free spaces/equipments.

Sh@reMart - Allows your to enjoy offers and discount from 6 exciting categories of unique products and services including:
  • Fashion
  • Skin Care
  • Food and Beverages
  • Kids World
  • Gadgets
  • Travel
Sh@rePerks - Everytime you get engage with ShareKool apps you will be able to accumulate points to exchange for items/voucher and also you could win great prizes with ShareKool draws and contest!

Why wait? Join the Kool community now!

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