HSBC TreeTop Walk

I have always knew about MacRitchie Reservoir and it is probably one of the best places to run in Singapore. Apart from that there is an attraction inside MacRitchie Reservoir called "TreeTop Walk" where I discovered about this place last year( I know I am slow). I always wanted to go there to take a look but I am not a morning person and is always busy, so yesterday I finally visited the TreeTop Walk together with my boyfriend and made up a guide on how-to-get-there.

Things to know before visiting:

  • No pets and bicycle allow
  • If you have a fear of heights or a heart condition please seek medical advice before venturing in
  • TreeTop Walk is a one-way structure
  • TreeTop Walk can hold the weight of up to 30 person at one time
  • TreeTop Walk is open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM
  • TreeTop Walk will be close on Monday except for Public Holidays
  • Please also bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated (Water cooler can be found at the Ranger Station)

Facts & Figures:

  • The Tree Top Walk is a steel suspension pedestrian bridge with supported approach spans at a length of 250 meters and width of 0.8 meters.
  • Height of walkway from forest floor varies, with a maximum height of 25 meters above the forest floor.
  • There are a total of 2 towers standing at 27 meter(Bt. Peirce, entrance) and 25 meter(Bt. Kalang, exit). Area of tower platform is 17 square meter including the stairs and 5.4 square meter excluding the stairs, however we are not allowed to venture through the tower.
  • Tower is build with Steel H piles and racked piles. Ground anchorage block is build with Grouted steel ground anchors. Timber used is Chengal. Total weight of steel used is 80.75 tons.
  • The strength of guy wire is 26.5 tons and able to hold a live load of 5.00 kilo-newton/square meter. 1 Kilo-newton/Square Meter (kN/m²) = 0.01019716213 Kilogram-force/Square Centimetre (kg/cm²)

Here is a map from National Parks Board in-case you need it for reference

How we got there

We took bus 410 from the nearest bus stop from Marymount MRT then alight 5 stop later at Thomson View Condo and took a short walk towards Venus Drive.

Few minute later we arrive at the TreeTop Walk Venus Entrance which can be found on your right after you enter a minor road, just walk towards the carpark and walk towards a path on your left

You are on the right path when you are able to spot some cutted tree trunks

Just follow up and you will see this sign and it will be the start of your journey to the TreeTop Walk

Do not afraid that you will get lose because there will always be signs around you, just be more observant and keep a look out

Arrive at this small path right beside the Singapore Island Country Club after 4 minute upon seeing the 1500 meter sign on the previous photo

There will usually be monkeys around this area in the day, PLEASE Do Not Feed The Monkeys

When you see these sign there will be a split path ahead, keep calm and stick to your right

About a minute later you will be 1000 meter closer to the TreeTop Walk

You be see these when you reach the road side

Follow on and walk up slope

Soon you will reach here and this is a tricky place, there is a 2-way split path. On your left is the forest trail and on your right will be road for vehicles, I have not walk into this place before and I feel kind of lost. And also Thanks to the passer-by who took this photo for us, hope you have also reached your destination the TreeTop Walk.

And so we decided to take the route on the left cause it makes more sense 

Yup, it's the correct way cause there's a sign here

I hopped along my way up cause we are just 0.4KM NEARER to the TreeTop Walk haha

We are now at the Ranger Station, this area can be use for resting your feet and also take a toilet break. The toilet is not dirty at all. Whenever you're in doubt just look-out for the sign and make your way here to the Ranger Station.

Water cooler can also be found here, drink it up, stay hydrate and move on!

We are already so near to our destination but..... lost again, most of the people here don't know which way to take after reaching the Ranger Station because no sign can be found here and we took risk to walk about this area.

Stepping out of the Ranger Station and head left we see many of these weird looking green structure

Upon reaching the top we turn left, follow the path and continue walking

Not long later we reached this empty space, ran down a short slope as we saw the directory ahead and walk all the way straight

Somehow we ended up 0.1KM nearer to our destination hahaha

Just need to put a little more effort walking up slope and we will be there, while walking up I felt a bit of drizzle thinking "if it rains everything will be wasted."

See this wooden walk way? Walk towards it and we are there.

This will be the entrance to the TreeTop Walk, there is also a security over here maintaining the area making sure that it is safety. We reached here at about 4:11PM

If you didn't read the "Things to know before visiting" that I wrote at the very top of the post then let me repeat again, TreeTop Walk is a one-way structure approach at your own risk

And here we are at the TreeTop Walk

The construction of this free-standing 250 meter long suspension bridge started in August 2002 and the process was carefully planned to minimise disturbance to the surrounding vegetation.

Branches of the canopy trees were pruned with care while the structure of the walkway and towers were modified to accommodate trees in the way.

Silence if golden, especially in the forest where there are many shy and sensitive animals. Please do not shout or yell as you will disturb the forest in habitants.

And also pleasse do not run or jump on the structure :X

Although we talk a long time just to come to a short walk of 250 meter everything is worth it when we reach the suspension bridge

Now let's head back to the Ranger Station and exit from there

When exiting you will be climbing up and down the stairs, we made our way down at around 5:00PM and heard a lot of weird noises made by the insects. We somehow exited from a different way after walking from the Ranger Station and discovered something.

The vehicle route on the right before we enter the "Emergency access no parking" path is actually a shorter and easier route to access the "Green structure" area.

And that's The End of our trip, we took approximately of 2 hours to complete the walk. Feel free to refer to nparks guide if mine is not detailed enough.