7 days of sickness

All type of sickness caught me up since last weekend starting from fever to itchy throat then headache followed by flu then cough. In spite of all these sickness I dare not seek a doctor taking an medical certificate yet I still continue attending school, it's not that I don't want to see a doctor and get some prescribe medicine so that I can get well quick is that there is so much things stopping me from doing it.

If I would to go to a doctor during a weekdays means that I will be skipping my class, hence without an Leave Of Approval by the school even if I have an medical certificate to prove that I am sick it will still not bring back my attendance, worst is I will be missing out a day of lesson which will be hard for me to catch up with. Not forgetting about the weekdays, this is my only chance for me to visit the doctor but the clinic close at noon and this is also my only chance to get more sleep because waking up at 6:00 AM every morning is real tiring so I choose to have my sleep rather than going to the clinic. Further more I was feeling even worst yesterday, my eye were burning hot that my vision was unclear thinking that I am going blind. However after sleeping away my whole Saturday and taking a couple of paracetamol that night I got better and my temperature lowered to 39°C, on the day before when blowing my nose onto a tissues blood is also visible but now my mucus is almost clear. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and have a better hearing so that I can have more concentration in class tomorrow.

Fever is not a bad thing either, when there's a fever it mean that the body is fighting off an illness or an infection. Symptoms is receive are: feeling tired, loss of appetite, muscle ache and lower energy.

Read more to learn about my Home Remedy to help in recovery


I first found out about this through a Facebook notification from my Boyfriend yesterday and tried it out that night immediately. It stated that:
  1. Onions are known to absorb toxins. In fact, during the days of the Plague in England, folks would keep chopped onions around to absorb toxins and clean the air. This helped protect them, against getting the plague. 
  2. The onion and garlic families are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Placing them on the bottom of the foot gives them access to your internal organs through meridians in your body. The onion can be directly delivered. Transdermal delivery (on the skin) is one of the best delivery mechanisms, as it will bypass the stomach acids and go directly into the blood. The bottom of the feet and the forearm are great places to put high powered foods and essential oils into the body. Sliced garlic on the bottom of the feet will work nicely too.
  3. It is an immediate cure for fever, common cold, cough, sore throat, allergies etc. A mixture of onion juice and honey can cure these problems easily.
  4. A small piece of onion can work against side effects of fever if it’s kept on the fore head.
  5. A small piece of onion when inhaled can stop or slow down the bleeding through the nose. 

If you were to try it out PLEASE place a layer of thin cloth to act as a protection for your skin from direct touches from the onion as it may cause skin to peel, and also remember not to have any contact with your eyes after touching the onion cause it burns.

Panadol (Paracetamol)

I bet most of you take this when you are sick right? For me it's my first time consuming this. It works quickly to help relieve targeted condition, however if you are allergic to acetaminophen or any ingredients of the medication OR have liver disease caused by acetaminophen DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE. Also do not overdose this medicine as there will be side effects.

Manuka Honey (Leptospermum scoparium)

This is not your average honey, Manuka Honey has antibacterials powers(determine by UFM), it not can only used on a spread and cooking it is also a medicine drink/food that can be used to reduce fever-like symptoms.

Manuka honey is high in antibacterial levels and recommended in the treatment of ulcers, strep throat, cold sores, skin infections, cuts and abrasions. I was instructed to eat a spoonful of honey per day, if the amount is insufficient for me I can take another spoonful to mix with water and drink. 


Water is very very very very very very very IMPORTANT! I am experiencing fluid lost due to blowing my nose every single minute therefore I need water to keep myself hydrate by drinking lots of water.

Another common question is that "Should I bathe in a Warm or Cold water?" the answer to this is lukewarm. Who says that you shouldn't bathe when experiencing a fever. Body raise in temperature is to fight off bacteria but if you want to cool yourself down to feel more comfortable then bathe with water slightly cooler than your current temperature, never ever go hotter than that. It is also not recommended to use ice to cool your body and not to wrap yourself in the blanket or jacket to keep yourself warm. The purpose of not wrapping yourself up is for your body temperature to drop by it's own so if you wrap yourself like a dumpling then you will be keeping yourself warm thus hard to recover. Best is to wear something light that makes you feel comfortable.

Cooling Gel Mask

You will need this if your forehead is very hot but do keep in mind that you should not use a ice pack on your skin as it will be too cold for you to tolerate.

No gel mask no worries. I can teach you how to DIY one for yourself:
  1. Prepare an zip-lock bag (make sure it is hole proof)
  2. Fold some tissues and insert into the zip-lock bag
  3. Add some cold/normal water and fasten the zip-lock bag
  4. Place the zip-lock bag into the fridge until chilled (DO NOT USE IT WHEN IT IS ICED UP)
  5. Remove the zip-lock bag and enjoy~
How the end product look like is the picture at the top of the post. Reason why I use a zip-lock bag with a tissues is that a zip-lock bag can trap water and a tissues can absorb water so that the water will not drip when evaporate. Alternative to a tissues can also be a sponge, cloth or anything that can absorb water.

Vicks - VapoDrops

Classmate was kind to offer me this candy as I am having a blocked nose, this candy really help to clear my nose passage and allow me to breath better and a certain timing.

I hope all these will help when you are alone at home, ending off this post with a temperature of  37.1°C

Disclaimer: All these are my own theory and remedy therefore I should not be responsible for anything that goes wrong. Thank you for reading.