Exit Plan - Real Escape Game

It's my first time attending Mapwerkz event, second time attempting a real escape game and received three times the brain wrecking experience. My overall experience was F U N and this is a great place to create bond and know each other abilities better. How Exit Plan is different from other real escape game is that Exit Plan require more brain juice because there's a lot of brain storming to do in order to solve the puzzle in the room. Exit Plan is also suitable for all ages as their content inside the room is not scary at all, they do not require much movement and do not have falling object to scare you but like I said Exit Plan is all about brain storming and thinking logically to decode the puzzle. So if you think that you have a lot of brain juice to spare then put yourself to the challenge.

279 New Bridge Road #03-01
Singapore 088752 (above Manbok Korean Restaurant)
Monday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am – 12am (midnight)
Sunday: 11am-11pm
+65 6536 4261

Read till the end to WIN yourself a FREE ticket to experience Exit Plan

Firstly, before you start your adventure on the Exit Plan game you have to spend some time to decode the digital number keypad in order to open the gate muahahahhaah

Just joking, haha! If you are wondering what is the security door code for Exit Plan simply just enter 4242 and voilĂ ~ the gate is open for you, later head up to level 3 where the adventure awaits your arrival

Meet the Game Master, they will be the one that will explain the game process with you and giving you a hint when in need

This is the room that we attempted today, I can't reveal what is inside but all I can say is that there are many padlock awaiting you to unlock in the given 50 minute. Click here to check out other game room

Exit Plan will also be constantly updating their game room so that you can keep coming back to try out different room

Upon completion of the game it's time for some photo taking and have your picture plastered onto their wall afterwards, photo will also be posted onto Exit Plan Facebook Page

Great to meet Kenny once again, it has been awhile since we attended the same event

Not forgetting to say, if you are able to beat the high score of the previous player you will be on their Hall of Fame

Rate start from $12.00sgd (student price)


Thanks to Exit Plan I have 3 ticket to give away to my readers, yay!

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Deadline 31st May 2014

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