LG G Pro 2

Couple of days ago I was invited over to LG Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd to discover the new LG G Pro 2, to attend a mobile photography workshop by Zurina Bryant and also to take part in a mobile photography contest. Upon reaching, I was given a LG G Pro 2 for that few hours only hahaha(for trial use).

Read till the end to WIN yourself a LG Pocket Photo Printer

Here are two test shot I took using the LG G Pro 2 while waiting for the event to start:

Yummy refreshment are served just in time when I am hungry hehe :P

I also took a close up shot to test out the macro of the camera because not all camera are able to capture close subject clearly and this phone camera amazingly do.

Not forgetting to mention, LG G Pro 2 has replace all the button at the sides and front of the phone to the rear of the phone so that it will be convenient for people to control the phone using one hand.

Introduction to the LG G Pro 2

What's new is LG have been analysing users habit for 6 plus years and have came out with this innovation called "Knock Code" as a phone lock which offers superior security and is much more responsive compared to other bio recognition system.

LG G Pro 2 Mobile Photography Workshop

Zurina Bryant, born in Tasmania is a photographer and a digital influencer. In today workshop she will be covering about mobile photography using LG G Pro 2 and it's camera filters.

Below are the sample photo took with LG G Pro 2 while testing out the camera filters:

Burst Shot(The G Pro2 takes 20 shots)
Because capturing moving subject is so inconvenience and can be annoying when you can't get your right shot therefore LG G Pro 2 has came out with Burst Shot fitler.
  1. Pick your moving subject and hold down the capture button
  2. View the moving shots and save the shots you’d like to keep
LG G Pro2 also has a "Time catch shot" filter which is almost similar to Burst Shot, instead of holding onto the capture button, in Time catch shot filter the camera will capture pictures within the given time frame and we can select the shot we would like to keep.

Beauty Shot
Most of the girls love to use this function because it will make our skin look almost flawless and some might even add make-up and also make faces look slimmer. In the LG G Pro 2 there will be a slider to determine how minimal or extreme we would like your ‘beauty shot’ to be created.

Even with the 2.1MP front camera the phone also have a "flash" for front camera which works like this:

Dual Camera
Desperately want to be in the picture but there's no one around helping you the capture the perfect moment? Well, Dual Camera allows us to capture pictures using both front and rear camera at the same time. Firstly select the "Dual Camera" filer and position the dual camera ‘box’ anywhere on the screen by dragging it. P.S There is also many different shapes and selection for the box.


5 LG Pocket Photo Printers to be won!

Actually, after the workshop all participants are given a 30 minute allowance time to go out and shoot using the LG G Pro 2 and the photos will be used as a submission for Love-A-Snap! Photography Contest.

Below are my entry and I hope you can vote for me:


Last but not least I want to thanks Trista and friends for the invitation to this event.

Disclaimer: All photo taken using LG G Pro 2 are posted with a black frame with picture EXIF without any editing including level and contrast.