1942 Alfresco @ Changi

Stumble across this war themed eatery from a article somewhere few weeks ago, because I am interested of the past of Singapore so I decided to visit it together with my boyfriend and dad. The food there has it's own quality of taste and presentation but the con's is that the place is situated at a remote place right at the vicinity of Changi north, near Selerang camp and Singapore prison is the street of Cosford road is where you will find 1942 Alfresco a War Museum, Restaurant and Bar where the war used to be. 

30 Cosford Road
Singapore 499550
Mon: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Wed - Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Phone: 6542 4492
Website: http://www.nineteenfortytwo.com.sg

War Museum

In 1942 there is a small private museum set up by the owner with World War II related item, this is the reason why my dad is interested to tag along for this visit.

Along the stretch of walkway is the storyboard of how Singapore overcome the war


Actually I am already very hungry before we even reach 1942, however my dad wanted to explore the place so we walked around to explore first.

They have a outdoor dining area but we choose to have our dinner indoor

Items at the indoor is available to buy off shelf if I am not wrong, so it's like eating down eating and enjoy looking at the gallery of collections all around.

After awhile of waiting, here comes our dinner...

Fish and Chips ($16.00)
Fresh Pink Snapper batted and prepared to a beautiful golden brown, served with chips and coleslaw. This was the best among the other dish that we had.

Baked Salmon Ring ($20.00)
Baked Salmon filled with seasonal vegetables topped with poached egg drizzled with hollandaise and fresh dill sauce. Chef recommendation

Baked Salmon Ring side view

Catch of the Day ($20.00)
Daily fresh fish sought by 1942 chef, Pan-fried, served with  mashed potato and seasonal vegetables.

Hawaiian Pizza (18.00)
Our all-time family favourite. Topped with pineapple, ham, capsicum, onions and cheese. Chef recommendation

We arrive at a rainy night were the place is quiet peaceful, walked around the area a little bit more after dinner and went rounding around Changi area before heading home. Not forgetting to mention, the 1942 also have different kind of entertainment such as Board games, Darts, Pinball and Pool.