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Triple Dry

Recently I have a/some haters that created many fake Facebook account and have been sending me couples of abusive personal message trying to pull me down, one example is him/her calling me  "臭女人", it means smelly girl in Chinese. If YOU are reading this I want you to know that I have found out a new, inexpensive and the most effective way for anti-perspiration to stay dry up to 3 days without re-application! Another thing for you to know is that I am not easily affected by minor stuffs, so.... booya!


You know what? I read the packaging after apply and felt shock about what the product can do. This deodorant is actually proven to keep dryness for up to 2-3 days and it is anti-bacterial, other than that what makes this product special is that the application is only to be done before going to bed and wash it off during the morning when bathing. This is suitable for all skin types and so convenient for people who always forgot to apply deodorant in the morning or dislike the sticky feeling on the underarm after bathing. Once perspiration is under control after using this product, application may be reduce so it means that the underarm may not need to rely on deodorant to control perspiration any-more! Product is also waterproof so that it require less re-applying and able to wear it for a swim. This is so great isn't it?

Available in two variant:
  • Unfragranced Anti-Perspirant Roll On (Left/Blue)
  • Fresh Anti-Perspirant Refreshing Ladies Fragrance Roll On (Right/Pink)

Where to get?

  1. Redeem your retail-sized sample at Sample Store
  2. Available for purchase at Guardian Singapore $15.90/50ml
Yes! This you did not see wrongly, this amazing product is available for FREE redemption at Sample Store and it is also retailing at $15.90 at your nearby Guardian. People tries so hard and may not be able to succeed but then there will always be a solution to a problem. Cheers~ and have a nice day ahead!

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