Journey to Kuala Lumpur, Publika

Saw the #1600pandas campaign by WWF at Instagram on Wednesday and they all look so cute! Went to did a research and found out that they are currently on a world tour and is now in Malaysia therefore I purchase a pair of flight ticket for today and decided to hunt for the panda. This is so going to be a budget and impromptu trip. 

Boyfriend have no choice but to accompany me to do crazy things

Not being updated about the recent news of AirAsia being met with a crash I went to purchase our ticket from there, only knowing about the incident when my friends and family told me about it.

For the flight experience we don't feel as comfortable as taking an airbus because AirAsia plane is real small, especially when my boyfriend have super long legs. Luckily it is only a 1 hour flight otherwise we surely will get cramps. They don't even provide in-flight purchase for short distant flight, but nevermind it help me to save money for later use, good thing is that we have landed safety in Kuala Lumpur.

Booked a budget hotel at KL Sentral because there is shuttle bus around there to pick us to Publika.

Waited for our driver for hotel transfer but he did not appear!!

Hence we went to rent a car with GPS and drove to our hotel. Upon driving along the street at Jalan Tun Sambanthan 4 to looking for a parking slot, a kind soul directed us to a parking lot. Boyfriend observed that he look suspicious therefore we did not alight from the car as he might request something from us, furthermore he is holding onto a earphone.

This is indeed a scary experience for us. If anyone encounter this please do not alight from your car and drive off immediately because he might want something from you. 

We then re-routed and stop outside the hotel, check-in then went to the nearby Chinese temple to park the car. And now we are sheltered in the hotel.

Will continue our journey tomorrow.
Till then,