Pixaroll on 21st Birthday Guestbook

To further enhance my guestbook I decided to include some pictures of my friends who wrote down their wishes for me, at the right timing Pixaroll approach me for a collaboration by offering me 12 square stickers in 2.5 x 2.5 inch.

These are the image I choose to be printed:

Here are the pictures in matte I have receive from Pixaroll:
Image are sure to be not as sharp as gloss sticker and it look grainy however matte has their pros as well, such as:
  • Won't get fingerprints and smudges
  • More professional looking
  • Won't hurt the eyes cause it is glare reduce

The stickers thickness is less than 0.5mm thin (even thinner! just that it is thin until it can't be measure by my ruler) which is a good thing whereas I don't want to have obvious additional layer to my book because of the stickers

Easy to peel off

Paper is soft and is easy to be cut out to be trim to my desire size as well

Most of all it is easy to be pasted

Step-by-step instruction on how to get your pictures printed like mine:
  1. Go to your App Store (for IOS user) or Google Play (for Andriod user) or Windows Phone for (Windows user) and search for "PixaRoll" then install.
  2. Select "Photos!" or "Magnets!" as you wish
  3. Select the images that you want to develop, the more the cheaper (Pricing tier is attached at bottom-right)
  4. Choose your size and quantity, price will be reflected at the bottom, when done click on "Continue Checkout"
  5. Order page is shown, share Pixaroll onto your Facebook and/or Twitter for further price reduction, else proceed with payment then sit back and wait for your mail

P.S Pixaroll not only ship to Singapore hence I can mail photo to my Malaysia friends and even relatives in Thailand.

Love how Printing + Mailing made easy with Pixaroll. 

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