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Nail design is inspired by Coco Chanel, apart from the inspiring quotes she have she is also a truly style icon. Have decided to go for round nails this time, swam with the nails and everything is still intact despite having charms stuck on.

Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.
- Coco Chanel

PS. Chanel cost nearly $1000 lesser in Singapore boutique now because they want to standardize the price of its product worldwide. 

23 Kampong Bahru Road
Blair House #03-02
Singapore 169349
Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday
10AM to 9PM
Contact: 9759 6660

Nails tell a lot about a person. It can be used as an expression of an individual style and personality. We can change the shape and colours of our nails anytime we like just to match our outfit or occasions, I decide to go for round because of some reasons.

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
- Coco Chanel

Got my nails painted in red because black is too mainstream, Chanel have goods that are in red too so why not and I used to be a fan or red nails.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
- Coco Chanel

Here's why I am going for rounded nails this time:
  • Have been on square nails for almost my entire life and I want to try something new.
  • I feel that round nails is less prone to chipping as my nails is getting weaker from too much gelish.
  • Good for short nails and gives a illusion of thinner nail bed.
  • Appear more natural.
Who knows that if I might stick to round nails for the rest of my life, never try never know which really suits me.

Camellia flower are drawn to exact from a image found on Pinterest by Cheryl.

I like how the manicurist at Atastic Manicures secure the charms with layers of hard gel coating so that the charm won't fall off easily at the same time it still looks good.

By the way Atastic Manicures only provides Classic Manicure, incase I forget to mention in my previous post hehe.
Classic Manicure consist of filling, trimming of nails and removal of cuticles which allows longer lasting of nail applications.


$12 NETT for first time customers!

  • 3-Colour Classic Gelish Manicure with Two-tone
  • 3-Colour Classic Gelish Manicure with Gradient
  • 3-Colour Classic Gelish Manicure with Mixed finish
Atastic Manicures uses gel polish from AngelPro. Add-on available too.

Do check out Atastic Manicures nail gallery for nails inspiration 

This is my 6th session of visiting Atastic Manicures, here are my reviews for each manicurist:
Cheryl - Good in drawing nail arts, tell her what I want and she is able to draw it out best with reference.
Lina - Most gentle and precise of all, I feel that she treat her customers nail like her own nails. Rest assure for to put your nails into Lina care. I also always fancy the nail design on her nails, loving those minimal style and neutral colour.
YenNi - A fun loving manicurist whom makes me feel at home, good in sculpting acrylic nails design.

Text 9759 6660 to enquire more and/or to book your appointment

Quote "Serene" during your visit because you can stand a chance to win prizes from Atastic Manicures.

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