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ThoughtBuzz was established in 2008 to provide organisations with actionable insights, through big data and business analytics. Headquartered in Singapore,ThoughtBuzz has a network of offices in India, Manila, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, providing leading technology and methodology for businesses worldwide. They serve clients raging from small enterprises to government bodies, from risk management to marketing management.
Know what is being said about your product, brand and company.

Here's some benefits of using ThoughtBuzz Social Intelligence platforms:
  • Get social media trends from FB, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter based on country & city
  • Identify your top fans and who engages with you the most on social
  • See analytics on all your social accounts or any public Facebook page or Twitter account. Compare to see how you are performing vis-à-vis others 
  • Post, comment, reply on multiple social networks at the same time. You can also private message on FB & Twitter through the dashboard
  • See everything on the go with a fully mobile responsive platform

Social Analytics

This is my favourite features of all in Thoughtbuzz as I can get to monitor my engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more, see all my graphs and charts here therefore I am able to analyse and compare growth hence choosing the right timing to update my social media accounts in-case no one sees them, I think that this feature makes Thoughtbuzz a very good social media measurement tools.

I am also able to export the charts and graphs for my own usage. These are the format Thoughtbuzz supports:
  • JPEG Image
  • PNG Image
  • PDF document
  • SVG vector Image
Below are the kinds of graphs and charts Thoughtbuzz provided for each social media accounts:

Facebook Page

  • Overview
    • Page Likes
    • Page Reach
    • Engagement
  • Likes
    • Total page likes as of today
    • Net likes: What changed
    • Where your page likes came from
  • Post
    • When your fans are online
    • Post type
    • Post-wise engagement

Sample data on When your fans are online:
214 Fan are online on Saturday, 9AM


  • General
    • Followers Count
    • Comment Counts
    • Likes Count
  • Followers
    • Total followers
    • Followers change
    • Followers change rate
    • Total following
    • Following change
    • Following change rate
  • Post
    • Post type distribution
    • Posts by date
    • Post table
    • Own post by hour
    • Own post by weekday
  • Interactions
    • Average interactions per post
    • Interaction rate
    • Interaction rate by hour
    • Interaction rate by weekday
    • Interaction Distributions
    • Interaction rate by post type
    • Average likes per post
    • Average comments per post

Sample data on Average likes per post and Average comments per post:


  • Followers Count
  • Top RTs
  • Top Users Locations
  • Top Sources 

Sample data for Top Sources:


Thoughtbuzz is the top social media tools for business

Clients ranging from small enterprises to government bodies, from risk management to marketing management.

Look who is using them:

Great for bloggers and SME too, to be successful you need to learn how to sell yourself first.

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