[Ad] #Chezvousbeautyisreal

Chez Vous is a 2,000 sq ft beauty powerhouse located in the heart of Orchard Road, offering a cutting edge range of signature treatments in an unpretentious yet sophisticated designer interior layout. With a one-of-a-kind “OHDA” (or Only Hair Directors Allowed) policy in place, the salon ensures an unparalleled roster of beauty experts so that clients receive only the best service and advice in creating their individual style.

Would you rather
give yourself a makeover (true beauty) OR photoshop yourself (digital enhancement)

Stemming from the standards set in the mainstream where most women are photo shopped or digitally enhanced to perfection, Chez Vous salon will be raising an internet meme or two, giving a shout out to all women to discover their natural beauty and celebrate #chezvousbeautyisreal as part of their 20th anniversary campaign. The aim of it, #chezvousbeautyisreal, is to liberate women from those unrealistic beauty standards and prove that beauty is and should be attainable, tangible and empowering (#therealme); not unrealistic, impossible and enslaving.

Chez Vous will be offering all woman the opportunity to experience a full makeover session*
  • 7th June 2015
  • Tips and tricks by beauty consultants
  • Hair wash, blow-dry and styling
  • Professional make up
  • Photography

In a witty and unapologetic fashion, Chez Vous has created a series of photos using an A-list model (Elena) to capture how she would look like in real life settings. In doing so, Chez Vous would like to highlight that as beautiful a model as Elena is, she too cannot achieve the “perfect beauty standards” in reality; without all that digital enhancements, carefully-crafted poses, styling, make-up and hair.

Share & hashtag #chezvousbeautyisreal and tell us what beauty means to you.
One lucky participant will stand to win #therealme makeover experience, worth $800.

*NOT inclusive of haircut or chemical services.

“OHDA” (or Only Hair Directors Allowed) policy
  • i.e. Associate Salon Directors, Directors & Chief Directors only
  • Minimum years of experience: 10 years
  • Many were previously salon owners, academy trainers, leading stylists or salon manager