Back to school

So much thoughts at night so I am here blogging while waiting for my food to digest before I sleep. About 2 months of term break and I am finally going back to school, feeling excited because I have thirst for knowledge. I am tired from rotting my days away.

I choose Logistics and Healthcare Applications Track as my first choice and I got it, well... not sure if I should be happy for always being able to get my first choice or to be sad that this is the least popular track because most are aiming for either Financial and Banking Applications Track or Enterprise Applications Track.

It was said that "Those born on 21st day of the month December are great organizer and speculators. This makes them most suited to being: Writer, Secretaries and Personal Assistants, Organizers, Negotiators, Mediator, Supervisors, the Financial sector (bankers and financial advisors), Publisher, Agents." Not sure of how true it is, and I don't see what I am studying now has any link but concentrating on what I am given now is the priority.

It's okay I should always look at the positive side, I should appreciate and focus on the opportunities that is given to me instead of the obstacle. Like what Albert Einstein quoted, "In the middle of every difficulties lies opportunity."

I am thinking if I should stop giving back more than I take in, I need to know that not everyone will treat me the same way as I treat them. Sometimes I get confuse if being selflessness is good or bad, why do I even posses such qualities why, it brings me so much suffering.


Some people are motivated by some unknown drive which makes them study real hard, I don't know their secret to it but I hope I will find out someday.

Some people have friends to keep them going on, without friends they can't survive the school semester. That's not me, I am okay to be alone furthermore I will be able to concentrate more alone because I get distracted easily.

Some people have other temporary reason to keep them motivated. You know this is temporary, we can only rely on others partially but not fully. 

To me the only motivation that will not die off is myself, the things I do now is for my own good, for my own progression, for my future, not to impress others nor wasting time doing things for the sake of doing it.

However I can't be positive all the time. I will also feel down and lost, road ahead of me will suddenly became foggy, me standing in the middle of the road would be wishing if only someone could pick me up to lead and guide me.

"Worrying about the future is tempting but useless. Do the best you can with what's right in front of you and the future will fall into place."